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Revival Of the Indian Construction Industry: Why People Are Now Investing In Their Homes Unlike the past when one would get home after a long day's work, eat and crash to wake up the next morning and head out, we are now spending almost all our time indoors

By Sanchit Gaurav

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The world has been hit by the most severe pandemic spread in the recorded history, and people in India have already endured a lockdown that lasted almost the entire summer season. In times like these when social interactions and public activities are curtailed, homes are being seen as the safe havens where we live and work (courtesy of the work-from-home routine initiated by the pandemic). This change in perception has brought all of us closer to our homes and created a greater need to personalize them further. Home renovation, remodelling and additional construction are now the order of the day across India.

Unlike the past when one would get home after a long day's work, eat and crash to wake up the next morning and head out, we are now spending almost all our time indoors. Thus, our expectations and attachments with our homes and personal spaces have grown tremendously. The lighting in one corner, the need for a work area that suits your pursuits or the need to add another room to meet the changed requirements are just some of the things needed now. At a very basic level, almost everyone is keen to add dedicated work, relaxation and exercise areas to the living spaces. The rise in demand for renovations, additions or home extensions is in accordance with the new lifestyles that we have been made to adopt. If you are a fitness conscious person then a gym or a pool is necessary while for all the corporate executives a fully equipped home office is a must. Nature lovers are adding gardens and outdoor sitting/exercise areas to their homes.

Now that the lockdown restrictions have been lifted in most places across the country, construction activities have resumed. However, the way that the home construction industry functions is undergoing a digital transition in the wake of the pandemic. Homeowners as well as personnel working on construction sites or renovation projects are all wary of the contagion. Hygiene, social distancing and minimizing human interaction have become almost the SOPs of the industry. This is where the online platforms and app-based construction/home renovation service providers are playing a key role.

Indian home construction/renovation industry has primarily belonged to the unorganized sector with countless contractors, interior designers and independent architects carrying out the processes as per their expertise. The whole project would be labour intensive with a great deal of complaining, arguments, cost escalations, time delays and overall lack of consumer satisfaction at the end of it. In majority of the cases, there would be some adjustments made by homeowners when the workmen would fail to deliver what was envisioned or when they were compelled to end the work due to time and cost over-runs. Hence, different coloured walls, a bench instead of a swing or a wall-mounted light instead of a chandelier, etc., were regularly tolerated.

However, in recent times digital technology has made major inroads into the sector. There are online home construction/renovation platforms offering almost every type of conceivable home design and remodelling service that is needed. Most service providers have their apps and websites where one can register and share details of the work needed. All the discussions and planning activities are conducted through online and telephonic communication channels. Signing of the project contracts, making payments, sharing instructions, designing and design changes/approvals, etc., are all done digitally in a seamless manner. The service providers create project plans for human resources, materials, schedules, etc., and once the clients approve, work is carried out in a transparent and time-bound manner.

With the pandemic related safety protocols becoming a part of the new normal, the digitization of home construction/improvement industry in India is the key to optimal growth of the sector. By harnessing the power of technology offered by online brands, it is possible to enjoy a hassle-free, value for money and speedier creation of personalized spaces that offer greater comfort and peace of mind.

Sanchit Gaurav

CEO and Founder, Housejoy

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