Social Impact Strategies in a Post-Coronavirus World Today, customers, employees, and stakeholders expect organizations to utilize their resources to take action and solve the world's most significant problems like climate change, ocean plastics, poverty, food, and water shortages

By Kunal Sood

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The global pandemic is forcing us to slow down, reflect and witness what is happening to our world, it is time individuals and businesses start to rethink how we can have a positive impact on the environment. As we continue to utilize best practices that include social distancing, working from home, and incorporating proper hygiene to beat the negative effects of COVID-19. Today, customers, employees, and stakeholders expect organizations to utilize their resources to take action and solve the world's most significant problems like climate change, ocean plastics, poverty, food, and water shortages. There has never been a better time for us to unite in action to transform the human condition and state of the world.

Social impact techniques are intended to improve an organization's public standing through designing a double bottom line approach in aligning their assets with their values - not just the brand image. These strategies become concrete and quantifiable plans that have measurable business outcomes and positive environmental effects. Social impact strategies maximize the probability and accelerate the pace of solving our social and environmental challenges. We can do this by increasing access to capital that generates solutions for measurable impact.

Executing a social impact strategy is easier said than done, it must be carefully created considering profits with a tangible approach towards overall social impact - which remains a stark difference to numerous CSR proclamations campaigns. As a vertically coordinated arrangement, social impact strategies are clear when it comes to quantifying and measuring the impact that supports human and planetary flourishing.

Setting up a strong social impact system in the post-COVID world is the foundation for good business in the future. As we reimagine the new normal, this system will help create a better brand image for established companies, while galvanizing the workforce around a massive transformative purpose that allows the organization to invoke a culture of excellence and resilience.

New companies are now progressively becoming exponential considering the social impact to be a key ingredient to long-term sustainability and success. Today, startups are doing their homework about the future and designing strategies to define their key social impact objectives and needs. These organizations are keeping up their responsibility to live their values in action, by fulfilling the claims they make.

Exponential Organizations with female leadership and a global mindset for attracting and retaining global clients have been working hard for months now as they fight the impact of COVID-19. Apparel industry leaders began by pivoting to make face masks, distilleries followed them to make hand sanitizer, and automobile manufacturers raced to make necessary ventilators to save human lives. This is the beginning of an era of exponential innovation and entrepreneurship with mindfulness at its core.

Corporate citizenship as a way to continue to exist in the market is evolving. These actions have become an essential part of the world's fight against a global pandemic for the health and well-being of people and the planet. The time is now to create a social impact strategy for your organization that can make the impossible possible and transforms our world for a better future.

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Kunal Sood

Founder, We The Planet

Kunal Sood is an internationally renowned social impact strategist, investor, and entrepreneur. As the founder of We The Planet,  X Fellows & NOVUS, Kunal is focused on making the impossible possible by positively disrupting the human experience. He does this by designing deeply immersive and transformational experiences partnering with iconic leaders and organizations worldwide that are focused on solving humanity's global grand challenges. His summits often include heads of state, celebrities, and fortune 50 companies. Kunal started his career as a Global Health Scientist and was trained at UCSF, where he worked on a ground-breaking Global Health Initiative with Harvard at PUKAR an NGO based out of Mumbai. Following this, he went on to become a fellow at Stanford University’s Center for Compassion and Altruism. From the slums of Mumbai to the United Nations in New York Kunal has built global movements and is deeply committed to impacting a billion lives leveraging social innovation and entrepreneurship. He is a TED Resident and recipient of numerous awards including the World Innovation Award, the Metcalfe Prize as a Tribeca Disruptor Foundation Honoree, and Fellow. Kunal is an avid public speaker having spoken at the United Nations, TED, SXSW, Aspen Institute, Forbes, and the White House. 

Most recently Kunal launched SDG Moonshots an initiative celebrating the 50th anniversary of man landing on the Moon at the UNand. He serves as the New York Chapter Ambassador at Singularity University and a Global Ambassador for Open ExO and the Nonviolence Project. He has an MBA from Kellogg School of Management and a Masters in Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania.

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