Introducing FRO 2018: Asia's Biggest Business Opportunity Expo! India's premier and most trusted business & tradeshow is back in Chennai to provide a platform for highly evolved prospects & qualified investors and entrepreneurs

By Bhavya Kaushal

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For every aspiring entrepreneur, the one question that is always hounding him is, "What next?" In India and throughout the world, the ecosystem of emerging entrepreneurs is expanding day by day, month after month and year after year. India, in fact, has some of the most intelligent minds and what happens when these minds seeking business opportunities get the right platform, the right people, the right mentorship and the right guidance?

If you are looking for a place that answers this question, then FRO 2018 is all you need to know! This is India's premier and most trusted business & tradeshow which is going to be held in Chennai for two days, 15th December and 16th December! Touted as Asia's biggest, most important and magnificent trade show, FRO is back with its 108th edition seeking to provide Indians and outstation entrepreneurs a premium platform for business opportunity seekers, young entrepreneurs.

Decoding Your Entrepreneurial DNA

The MSME industry of India is the pride of the nation and the heart of the business world. While in other countries entrepreneurs don't start anything until they are in their late 30s, in India, there is no limit to the age from which a child starts decoding his entrepreneurial DNA when it comes to India. This event primarily aims to provide a platform for highly evolved prospects & qualified investors and entrepreneurs from across India, neighbouring countries and delegations from the other parts of the world to meet face-to-face with some of the most accomplished business ideas, attend unparalleled business summits and seminars and learn more about India and the fast-growing MSME industry in India.

It will see 50+ business experts from India and abroad who will share new ideas, trends and business opportunities to enrich the business community. More than 200 exciting business opportunities from hottest sectors including franchising, property and start-up industry will be presented through this expo. Top investors from South India are going to attend this show.

A Show for One and All

Building an entrepreneurial ecosystem for starting up, building a sustainable business, youth Empowerment and new age business ideas to grow are some of the things this summit hopes to achieve and make the entrepreneurial journey of any aspiring entrepreneur as exhilarating as it should it be. It also helps young learners gain vital experiences for their entrepreneurial growth and nurturing.

Franchise & Retail Opportunity Show has undergone a revamp and is now FRO. Led by Franchise India, FRO is set to launch its new avatar in Chennai as Pudu Chennai, 2018.

This one is something that shouldn't be missed more so because India is now on the threshold of entering the age of start-ups, franchises like never before!

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Bhavya Kaushal

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