The New Contender in Forex Trading: A Startup with a Legacy of Market Leadership OQtima might be the newcomer on the scene, but it arrives with a lineage that commands respect

By Sam Pinto

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The Fresh Face with a Veteran's Knowledge:

In the bustling marketplace of Forex trading, where every broker competes for attention, a new name is making waves with a surprisingly seasoned voice. OQtima might be the newcomer on the scene, but it arrives with a lineage that commands respect. Its founders, part of the force behind renowned brokers like IC Markets and TMGM, have ventured into this startup with a clear goal: to merge the wisdom of experience with the innovation of a modern trading platform.

Striking the Right Notes for Traders:

OQtima's beginnings in July 2023 were marked by a promise to transform the CFD trading experience. While most startups face a period of teething problems, OQtima hit the ground running with a well-received client portal and a suite of trading platforms that cater to a wide range of preferences and skill levels. Its offering of MT4, MT5, and cTrader platforms is a move that acknowledges the varied demands of today's traders.

The Startup with a User-Centric Vision:

What sets OQtima apart is not just the expertise behind it but its focus on the user experience. From low spreads that start from 0.0 pips to an asset portfolio that includes over a thousand options, including stocks, major and minor currency pairs, and cryptocurrencies, OQtima is shaping up to be a full-service broker that truly understands what traders want.

Leadership That Understands the Game:

The leadership team, helmed by Angelo D'Alessio, with veterans like Andrea Faleburle, Jette Cauty, Amy Pepper and Philippos Psyllos, brings a wealth of experience to the table. This is a group that knows the ins and outs of the industry, and they're applying that knowledge to build a broker that doesn't just play the game but seeks to elevate it.

Regulatory Rigor for Trader Confidence:

For a startup, establishing trust is paramount, and OQtima addresses this by securing regulatory status in both Europe and Seychelles. This strategic move underpins its commitment to adherence to the highest standards and provides traders with the assurance that their interests are well protected.

A New Era for the Ambitious Trader:

OQtima enters the market at a time when traders demand more from their brokers—more flexibility, more support, and more innovation. With its founders' ambitious vision and its technological and regulatory fortitude, OQtima is not just a hidden gem but a rising star that could lead the way for traders who seek a comprehensive, reliable, and empowering trading experience.


As the Forex market continues to evolve, traders are on a perpetual quest for brokers that offer an edge. OQtima, with its blend of industry expertise and startup agility, may just be the new face that seasoned traders and curious newcomers alike have been waiting for. With a team that speaks the language of traders and a platform built to deliver, OQtima is a name to watch in the bustling Forex landscape.

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