Top IoT Executive Says That Women Should Not Restrict Themselves To Certain Domains

Geetha said that she has never hesitated prior to hiring women!

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By Sneha Banerjee

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While women have pretty much made their presence in every professional sector, sometimes you often see the society create barriers for them in certain domains.

Sectors like manufacturing, tech-heavy and machine heavy jobs force them to give it a second thought! But should there be a concern at all?

Geetha Dabir, Renowned Tech Executive and VP/GM of IoT Application Ready Program at Intel Corp spoke to Entrepreneur India at the "Guns and Roses" event organized at Microsoft Accelerator in Bangalore, which was an extension of the United Nations (UN) supported initiative WED, which is celebrated across 144 countries.

"I don't think women should restrict themselves. Every sector will have a challenge and at times being a woman can prove to be an advantage. Initially you'll see barriers but afterwards you'll see the advantages. Because once the others recognize that you are good at your job and that you are the only woman you will actually see them step up and support you too. So I wouldn't suggest limiting oneself to any sector," she said

Geetha said that she has never hesitated prior to hiring women!

"I always look for women who are very good at their work. They might not be very ambitious, but they should be good. So those kinds of women I encourage them and motivate them. Sometimes they inhibit themselves thinking they can't do it, thinking of family and household responsibilities," she adds.

"I give these women a lot of flexibility at work and push them to move ahead!" she said. Geetha has previously held important positions at Cisco Systems and Nortel Networks.

Sneha Banerjee

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