Partners With Meta's Creative Shop To Create AI-powered Models For Inclusive Ad Creatives will enable brands to feature a single outfit across a wide range of AI-generated body types from size 4-20 with its patented technology

By Paromita Gupta

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We live in a world where the need for sustainable and inclusive clothing choices is more than ever. However, one must acknowledge the time-consuming and expensive process needed to fulfil consumer requirements.

In light of it,, the retail vertical of AI startup Mad Street Den, has partnered with Meta's Creative Shop, its in-house creative strategy team, to generate models for inclusive ad creatives. shared the news through its digital platforms and noted it will enable "brands to feature their outfits on a diverse range of #AI-generated across body types, sizes, and complexions."

The startup will enable brands to feature a single outfit across a wide range of AI-generated body types from size 4-20 with its patented technology- VueModel. Furthermore, it will also cater to different complexions as well.

Its AI network is backed with knowledge about recreating a garment's characteristics and understanding how it will fit on one's body with respect to various heights and postures. The technology will use machine learning algorithms to understand and pay attention to the minute detailing of fitted clothes on a human body.

" is very pleased to partner with Meta's Creative Shop and participating brands to make size and ethnicity-inclusive presentation of garments a reality. Although AI-based image generation for fashion has long been a compelling use case, convincing garment-on-model imagery requires a level of fidelity to the product and high resolution that has been beyond reach. We are proud that Vuemodel has proven to provide excellent customer response while providing cost savings, convenience, and inclusivity to brands." said Costa Colbert, Co-founder and Chief Science Officer of, in the official blog post.

Previously,'s technology was adopted by Lane Crawford on Meta platforms which helped the brand to increase 33 per cent in their Return on Ad Spending, saw 55 per cent higher Click-through rates and a 28 per cent decline in Cost per Action. Whereas, Australia's Showpo has implemented a trial run to test the inclusivity campaign and will soon roll out the feature on its website.

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