Your Dream Start-up Team Handpicked From the El Clasico Players

One couldn't help but notice the fierceness of the players, one that is often seen in entrepreneurs

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By Sanchita Dash

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For 90 minutes on Sunday night, football fans around the world were at the edge of their seats. Be it Pique's opening goal, followed by Messi's equalizer or Ronaldo's fierce game or Asensio's winning goal, the El Clasico match didn't disappoint either side of the groups.

The famous rivalry between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona has been termed as El Clasico and for years, has been religiously watched by eager fans from throughout the world.

While yesterday's nail biting match saw Real Madrid emerge victorious, fans of both the club were in for a treat. But one couldn't help but notice the fierceness of the players, one that is often seen in entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneur India decided to pick the star players who would make for a dream startup team, one that is bullish about winning while not letting go of its team spirit.

The fierce co-founder – Cristiano Ronaldo

Be it his charisma off the field or his talent on the field, Ronaldo has always been the face of Real Madrid. His aggression on-field has made him the star player of the team, one who they depend upon. He makes news all the time for his personal and professional life, much like the founder of a start-up, who immediately becomes the go-to person for the brand. And doesn't Ronaldo's red card and his subsequent pushing of the referee remind us all of that founder who refuses to let go of his start-up?

The other co-founder, a team player – Lionel Messi

If there's one man who is loved across teams, it's Messi. Always a team player, Messi didn't let go off his charm even in the last match as he made sure he scored the equaliser for his team. Veterans from the sport who have always told that it's difficult to choose between Messi and Ronaldo have often favoured the former because of his team player. So, imagine your start-up being run by one who has the best of both the worlds – the talent to run the show and the sense to stop and listen to their teammates – voila!

The experienced COO – Zinedine Zidane

Just like how Chief Operating Officers who are brought in to bring in their vibrant experience and build the start-up, Zidane serves as perfect manager of Real Madrid. The former French footballer who is often referred to as one of the greatest players of all times, is known for his vision, ball control and technique. He brings the same vision to Real Madrid and is also a pure supporter, as was seen by his annoyance over Ronaldo's red card dismissal during the match on Sunday night.

The Dependable – Sergio Ramos

The captain of the Spanish national team and the Real Madrid team, Ramos has always been Mr Dependable for his team. With seven La Liga goals, the mid-fielder is also called Madrid's best defender. Having someone like Ramos in your startup would mean that you always have someone to depend upon at a time of crisis.

The Millennial Hustler – Marco Asensio

Every start-up has that one young guy who rises up the ranks quickly and with his new techniques brings in fresh winning streak. Asensio who has made history with goals in five debut matches turned out to be quite the hustler for Madrid. Even after Ronaldo's quick exit, Asensio didn't give in to the pressure and scored for his team. Now, isn't that the quality for a hustler in your start-up? One who doesn't wait for directions but knows how to hit the right goal.

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