How Can You Get Your Opponents to Like You

Here's what entrepreneurs can learn from Ronaldo's sensational bicycle kick

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By Sanchita Dash

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Football fans all over the world stood together mesmerised by one thing – Cristiano Ronaldo's bicycle kick during the Real Madrid and Juventus match. As the 33-year-old football player went for the sensational kick, fans not just in the stadium but the ones watching through TV sets across the world were left chanting his name.

There was one marvellous thing to note in the aftermath of the match – love him or hate him, you cannot ignore Ronaldo. During the first leg of the Champions League Quarter Final, Juventus' (the opponent team) fans too were left cheering for the football star. And in a world today where football clubs are religion, it takes a lot for one to become the star in front of the opponent's eyes too.

So, forget the football tricks, we bring to you what entrepreneurs can learn from Ronaldo's bicycle kick performance and understand how you can get even your rivals to appreciate you.

Be the Bloody Best at Your Work

Ronaldo's football career has often been questioned – Can he beat Lionel Messi? Can he move away from the fame and glory and work wonders on the field? etc. But the football star left everyone stunned with his second goal in the match against Juventus. So was the glory of the second kick that even Juventus fans in their home stadium stood up to applaud Ronaldo.

The beauty of the goal has been appreciated by all. Zinedine Zidane, former French captain who has played for Juventus as well as Real Madrid, described Cristiano Ronaldo's goal 'one of the most beautiful goals in history'. Peter Crouch, the English footballer, tweeted, There is only a few of us who can do that.

The goal was also Ronaldo's 119th goal in the Champions League and his 22nd in quarter-finals alone.

So, how can one not admire the zeal and finesse of the footballer? Entrepreneurs, take note. When you are bloody brilliant at your work, there are very few (Read: none) who can point fingers at you.

Your Age Doesn't Define Your Work

Haven't we all heard debates about the right age to be an entrepreneur? But does age define your work?

Well, looking at the likes of Ronaldo reigning in all their glory at 33, age can definitely not tell you when to stop. Ronaldo's game was spoken about a few months ago too, with reporters and football experts over the world stating that he was in a "declining" stage. But the Real Madrid forward player since turning 33 has already scored 39 goals in all competitions.

Standing Out in a Crowd of Rivals

When one is talking about Ronaldo and his career, Messi's name is not too far behind. The rivalry between the two is always talked about, with tension always rising about who's going to upstage who. That comes along with a lot of pressure. But Ronaldo has managed to shine in that uncertainty and how. Gianluigi Buffon, captain of the Juventus team who could have been playing his last Champions League game, didn't hold back from praising his opponent. Buffon went on to compare Ronaldo to the likes of Pele and Diego Maradona.

Entrepreneurs too have something to take away from this. No matter how much the pressure is and how much you are struggling to find a place for yourself in a crowded market, it's your skills that take you forward in the long run.

For entrepreneurs out there, there's one thing we would like to say - just like Ronaldo, keep kicking it!

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