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YouTube Create App: Access and Steps To Use This free program, which was first released a year ago, makes video editing for both short films and longer-form content easier, freeing up users to concentrate on their stories and creativity.

By Kavya Pillai

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Alexander Shatov

Finally, YouTube Create, a free video editing program, has been released in India. Calling all Indian producers. This free program, which was first released a year ago, makes video editing for both short films and longer-form content easier, freeing up users to concentrate on their stories and creativity. The software is currently accessible on Android devices in 13 more countries, including India, in beta form.

Traditional video editing, according to YouTube, is a difficult, costly, and time-consuming procedure. To simplify the editing process, YouTube Create simplifies things and provides a wealth of capabilities along with an easy-to-use interface. "This will help new and established creators around the world make video creation simpler, easier and more lightweight -- whether you're sharing a Short of life on the fly or producing a longform video for your community," according to YouTube's official website.

In the few months since its release, the app has also undergone some major changes in response to feedback from the worldwide creative community, ensuring that it keeps making it easier for creators to modify their work. Here is how to use the app:

Record Footage: To record the footage you wish to edit straight in the YouTube Create app, use your phone. Whether you're investigating a coffee shop or any other setting you wish to share with your audience, record your footage as you go about your activities.

Select Music: Look through the app's thousands of music to select the ideal soundtrack for your film. Select a song that enhances the scene and establishes the tone for the images you've taken. "Because YouTube Create's music collection is royalty-free, it means you can simply monetize and share your works on YouTube without worrying about copyright issues," notes YouTube".

Match Beats: Use the beat matching feature to synchronise your video transitions with the rhythm of the music. Tap 'Find Beats' to identify compelling beats in the music and mark them on the timeline, ensuring your edits are in perfect sync with the music.

Add Effects and Filters: Explore the extensive library of stickers, GIFs, effects, and filters to enhance your video and make it stand out. Experiment with different elements to personalise your video and make it uniquely yours.

Audio Cleanup: Use the Audio Cleanup tool to remove background noise from your footage, ensuring that your voice is clear and easily audible. You can also eliminate distractions like street noise or machinery sounds with just a tap.

Voice Over and Captions: Add a voiceover to narrate your story and provide additional context to your video. Use the auto-captioning feature to transcribe and edit captions effortlessly. Choose from various styling options to customise the appearance of the text.

Upload to YouTube: Once you're satisfied with your edits, upload your edited video to YouTube directly from the YouTube Create app.


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