Helpful Social Media Tips to Promote Your Business Online 2017

Social Media has helped businesses to grow by leaps and bounds in the past years. This trend is going to continue in 2017.

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Your message can get lost in the overdose of information available on the internet. You don't want that happening to the message which is important to you. So why not communicate to your audience in a way that they best understand. Social Media has helped businesses to grow by leaps and bounds in the past years. This trend is going to continue in 2017. Here are few tips that can help in your social media marketing:-

1.Interact : One way communication has never worked for a relationship and neither will it work for your business.You got to engage and interact with your customer in order to win their attention. Everyone loves to give their opinion, so ask questions, run a contest, make them poll on the hottest topics. Make them feel important. And let them know that their opinion matters. Your content should be compelling enough for your audience to participate in your discussions and interact with you.

2.Bait your customer (freebies): Who doesn't love something for free? We all love freebies. Freebies create a positive buzz about your business. By giving out free samples or offers of your product you kill the hesitation of your customer in trying your brand. VideoBurst uses this trick just right. VideoBurst is an online video making tool, offering a basic pack where the users can create 3 videos per day absolutely free of cost. This technique gives your customers a reason to smile and win their loyalty for the long haul.

3.Add value content: Provide content that will resonate with your customers. It does not have to be about your brand all the time. In order to make an impression, you need to share interesting trivia, latest statistics, researches etc related to your niche. It is your responsibility to keep your customer up-to-date .With this valuable information that you share you might be solving their problems and who knows you are answering a lot of questions triggering in their mind. This noble act of guidance will surely intrigue love for your brand

5. Schedule your post: Did you know that there are 24 time zones in the world? You don't want your post to go unnoticed. That's why it is very important to post your content at the right time when you have the maximum audience. If finding time to make your post at the right time is a constraint for you. Don't worry, tools like Hootsuite and Buffer will ease your pain. Use these tools to auto-schedule your posts .

6. Genders use social media differently: "Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus' this could be true, we don't know ! But what we do know is that the way men and women use the social media is very different. According to a survey by Neilson:

  • The top reason for women to use social media is in order to stay in touch with their family and friends (65% vs. 53% for men).
  • Percentage of women using social media for blogging and sharing photos is higher than men (28% women vs. 23% men).
  • For entertainment purposes (48% women vs. 45% men).
  • For questions like "how" and "self-help" (30% men vs. 37% for women).
  • For Dating (13% men vs. 7% for women).

7. Visuals are imperative: If I ask you to recollect the memories of your high school, what comes to your mind? Can you recall anything from your books that you studied so hard for? No! That's what I guessed. What about the first time you kissed your high school crush, do you remember that. I'm sure that memory has never faded away and flashed in your head right now. You had put in so much efforts for remembering and learning your school syllabus but everything has faded away. On the contrary, you didn't force your brain to lock the memory of your first kiss, it happened automatically. Well, this is the way our brain works. Our brain is a visual processor and not a word processor. So, if you want your brand to pop up in the head of your customers' mind just the way your first kiss did, use effective visual content to gain and keep the interest of your intact.

We are living in the age of fast paced life. Grabbing the attention of your customer is a challenge. So, communicate with your customer in the right manner and encourage them to engage with you.

Olga Samuel

Freelance Writer

With an extensive experience in diverse fields of Radio, TV, PR and Social Media,she is an enthusiastic writer. She has always had the passion for writing. Not only does she have a professional poise in her words but also connects with her readers instantly. Simple and dignified elements in her work crystallize her feelings of how privileged she feels in being a part of content writing world. My readers make me feel Blessed

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