Here's why you should Never Upload your Videos on Facebook

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With technology getting more and more immersive over the years, Facebook is rapidly trying to become the new platform for basically that takes over all other industries. Its disruptive nature is what's attracting investors as well as advertisements, raking millions in revenue. Hence the Facebook app constantly seems to be taking over your entire phone. From system integration on the iOS, buying and selling groups, video calling and audio calling via the Messenger app, having independent URLS, emails @, video sharing, emoticons and so much more, Facebook has clearly become the one platform that starts your internet usage.

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Allowing a company to have access to literally your entire life is a scary thought. Forget hacking, Facebook officially owns all the content you share type or upload on it, and they're free to use it anyway they want – including for promotions and advertisements, and selling it further. This is where the scary factors come in handy.

Why do we upload on Facebook?

Facebook started as an image sharing website of your personal life. However when videos became a thing, people noticed how convenient it is to upload something directly from your cell phone app. Since all your friends are already on Facebook, this makes sharing and making everyone see very streamlined. Thus, lots of people prefer sharing content directly on Facebook, even though Facebook's own video player isn't anywhere near the best. In fact, it's slow and not buffer friendly for slower browsers at all – it's doesn't preserve your progress once you move the cursor at all.

So why would you choose YouTube instead of Facebook?

Better crowds

When you upload something on YouTube, you instantly gain access of more knowledge experts who are making videos constantly, which is there field to make. They are dealing video making and are there only and only for making videos. You may also attract trolls and spam, but that's virtually everywhere and is manageable.

You're the sole owner of your content

You are the sole owner of your video. You have rights. You can make the stealer take down his/her video if you uploaded yours first or have copyrights to your material.

Copyrights are taken seriously – and swiftly

YouTube will act on your copyright way faster than Facebook ever will.

Don't lose out first time viewers

By the time Facebook takes down your video, you've already lost possibly millions of viewers which are already attracted to the original uploader. Facebook doesn't terminate accounts of such offenders. This means they can perpetually keep uploading your work on their Facebook page getting famous and then removing the content.

Get paid!

Most importantly – YouTube will pay you to share your video. Switching and tweaking some setting might be all it takes to enable payments for your videos. Maybe that brief 1 minute video of you having that exotic lunch gets viral and you stand to make some money off it. Wouldn't you just be glad you uploaded it on YouTube instead?

It looks exactly the same – so why not?

Sharing a YoutTube link on Facebook appears almost exactly the same – eliminating the reason for you to not do so.

More organized

YouTube is more organized, streamlined and easier for people to follow and view.

Where do you upload your videos? Do you succumb to the temptation of directly uploading videos on your Facebook page of your company or do you resist that minor inconvenience and invest long term by uploading on YouTube and sharing it later on Facebook? Let us know in the comments section on our official Facebook page Entrepreneur India