Looking to Boost Your Social Media Presence? Know the Best Time to Post Here

The right time to step up your social media game is now!

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For every organization, big or small, old or new, consumer or retail, social media has become the ultimate weapon to reach the masses. To get people interested in one's product or service through these platforms has become a crucial part of every company's marketing strategy.


Gone are the days when big brand posters above the bus stand would work to attract a paddler to try your offering, the penetration of data has changed the way people buy and use products. Not the expensive television commercials but a brand's social media presence that speaks.

The Trick

Big teams are hired to keep the social media pages of large organizations active but at the end of the day, a start-up run by a bunch of college graduates end up receiving all the traction. Reason? The right post made at the right time is what does the trick.

While there is no hard and fast rule on what kind of posts are to be made on what days, some posts attract a certain kind of audience only when made on a particular time. These timings could vary for different industries and platforms but some observations can be neglected.

The Timing

During special occasions like New Year, Valentine Day etc, people are most interested in checking out what new various brands has to offer and special posts made in accordance with the day works further to attract their attention. During weekends, millennials are especially glued to Facebook.

Every platform has a purpose and users visit them accordingly. During work hours, people are more interested in staying updated with what's happening around the globe, hence, Twitter is their go-to platform whereas Pinterest, which is losing light, is visited when people have more free time in their hands.

The Strategy

Social media is an important extension of your business. Whether you are posting, pinning or tweeting, it is important to consider when you're doing it to better reach your audience. While posting something at 3 pm might work for someone, it might not for you. Analyze the trends and see what helps you get the best traction.

The infographic shared below has been created by Muffin Marketing, a small business marketing agency that specialises in content marketing, search engine optimisation and social media. The figure discusses the best times to post on social media, in general: