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Five Essential Tips For People Starting A Career In Interior Designing If you have realized you have the knack for interiors and absolutely love making spaces, the interior design is the perfect career for you!

By Shriya Kolte

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Do you often receive compliments for your colour composition? The way your home is amazingly kept well? The accessories in your home compliment your personality? Reality check -are these compliments aren't enough for you to become an interior designer? If you have realized you have the knack for interiors and absolutely love making spaces, the interior design is the perfect career for you!

Passion is the basic quality for any and every successful career. However, a few things to keep in mind before jumping into life-changing decisions would be: Difference between an interior designer and an interior decorator; understand that well and know your interest and capabilities. The biggest difference in both is the formal education. As an interior designer, you need to understand spatial arrangements, the flair for colour combinations, technical detailed aspects of executing the design, textiles and so on. The second one is: The pay isn't as high as you think it is! Of course, it again depends on multiple factors, like education, the location, project, experience, size of the firm/company and so on.

Here are five tips to jumpstart your career in interior designing:

(1) Education: The most essential aspect would be a formal education in interior designing. Interior designing training is available from the certificate to the master's degree level, but the basic requirement for most of the jobs is a detailed degree course for 3/4 years, which is ideal.

(2) Skill Development: Develop your skills and become a people's person. In your career you will come across different types of clients, while some clients are clear about their needs, others are finicky and confused. A successful interior designer should be able to please people and somewhat be a mind reader. A perfect balance keeping all the family members is essential. You have to steer clients towards a favourable outcome while making them feel that they are in full control of the entire design process.

(3) Portfolio Development: Another very essential element in developing your portfolio. Once you have completed your college, for your initial projects you must offer reduced rates for clients to opt for a new designer in the market. Harp on this opportunity to build your rapport with the local merchandisers and suppliers. This is a great way to start building your portfolio.

(4) Practical Knowledge and Experience: Another important aspect in developing your career in this industry is that practical knowledge and experience is the key. You may have studied from the best of universities but until and unless you have practical knowledge and experience of dealing with clients, suppliers, merchandisers - you will not be able to build a successful name. If possible, work with another design firm/ company you aspire to be. This would widen your horizons and make you more hands on.

(5) Innovation: Innovation is the key. You have to constantly be updated with what's happening in the design world globally. You cannot simply rely on your personal skills and local expertise. Today everyone has access to the world and is well travelled and aware. To cater to an audience that tasteful, you have to constantly upgrade your knowledge and know how. Learning is a never-ending process.

Always remember, everyone starts at the bottom, with channelized effort, hard work, experience, a stellar portfolio and marketing one can become successful in the world of interior designing.

Shriya Kolte

Founder, Imagination Inc.


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