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Start A Dream Business In 60 Seconds: Take The First Step With This New App For many, the dream of starting a business is often hindered by the daunting prospect of securing investment.

By Nishikanth Samarth

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Hachi Yin is a self-made entrepreneur and founder of the investment company HL Yin.

For many, the dream of starting a business is often hindered by the daunting prospect of securing investment. In a world where the birth of a company is typically marked by laborious tasks of planning and capital raising, angel investor and successful entrepreneur Hachi Yin offers a different narrative.

Through his latest venture, the 'ist' app, Hachi provides a digital handshake between ambition and investment. Here, a mere 60 seconds could be all that stands between an entrepreneur and their dream.

Hachi Yin is a self-made entrepreneur and founder of the investment company HL Yin. An alumnus of Monash University, Australia, with a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacology, Hachi has seamlessly transitioned from the theoretical world of science to the practical realm of business leadership.

As the CEO of Utopia Corporation, Utopia Hospitality Group, and Zeus Teknology Real Estate Management System, he has solidified his status as an epitome of success in property development. His remarkable feat of launching ten significant projects within seven years in Phuket, Thailand, has not only reshaped the local real estate landscape but has also earned him the distinction of being one of Asia's most admirable young leaders in 2021.

Hachi's entrepreneurial narrative was a journey of self-reliance and determination marked by the absence of support systems or any safety net. This experience became the story behind 'ist.' Hachi recognized the untapped potential in countless aspiring entrepreneurs who stand where he once did. With 'ist,' he ensures that no bright idea goes to waste, but each will be given a boost to ignite their path to success.

Gateway Where Aspirations Meet Opportunity

Recent reports indicate that there are over 150 million startups worldwide. In the US alone, small businesses account for 99.9% of its companies. This number suggests a continuing trend: startups are increasingly becoming the bedrock of innovation and job creation globally. Yet, for many would-be entrepreneurs, access to investors remains a significant barrier. Hachi's 'ist' app aims to slash through this barrier by connecting aspiring entrepreneurs with the right investors.

When Hachi speaks of his 'ist' app, he envisions it as more than just a digital platform for investment. He sees it as a vibrant gateway where business aspirations meet opportunity. With 'ist,' Hachi ensures that every entrepreneur, regardless of background or resources, is heard and given a chance to present their vision.

He states, "Every titan of the industry starts somewhere—often with nothing more than an idea and a dream. 'ist' is about providing that starting line to everyone, anywhere. I built 'ist' to be a bridge, a place for every entrepreneur to pitch the next big thing in business."

The Idea Behind the Life-Changing Minute

The essence of Hachi's 'ist' app is captured in the philosophy that a single, life-altering minute can set the wheels of an aspiring entrepreneur's fortune. Hachi's conviction is firm and clear: "If they can't hook investors in a minute, they're not ready."

This challenge dares entrepreneurs to be concise, clear, and captivating. This insistence on the power of brevity is the soul of 'ist.' Entrepreneurs are trained to remove ambiguity, leaving only the potent heart of their pitch.

"The true essence of a revolutionary idea doesn't need hours to convey," Hachi asserts. "It strikes with the speed of lightning. And only those prepared can take a pitch and resonate with investors."

Cutting Through the Noise

Hachi knows that not everyone may agree with his one-minute pitching idea. He understands that the complexities of business models, the robustness of market research, and the depth of strategic planning cannot be conveyed in such a brief duration.

However, the entrepreneur addresses these concerns with a perspective that shifts the focus from the quantity of time to the quality of the idea itself. He explains, "It's not about the clock, but about how solid an idea is, its ability to foresee and prepare for every eventuality."

According to Hachi, that crucial one-minute presentation reveals the essence and readiness of an idea. He emphasizes that if a concept is robust, it will shine through, even in a condensed form. This minute is not a shallow glimpse but a deep insight into the entrepreneur's vision, clarity, and preparedness for investors to see.

Bridging Dreams and Reality

As Hachi starts the journey of 'ist,' he reflects on the greater purpose of his venture. "It's about more than just making connections," he asserts. "It's about democratizing the opportunity to innovate, to disrupt, to build something from nothing."

He mentions, "Every giant leap for mankind began with a small step. 'ist' is for those ready to take that step and change their future in 60 seconds or less."

The road to success is paved with the bricks of rejection, but every 'no' brings one closer to the 'yes' that changes everything. 'ist' is about finding that 'yes.' It's a sentiment that captures the essence of entrepreneurship—a relentless quest for the breakthrough that defines a career.

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