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What Goes on Behind the Scenes of Creating a Successful Mobile App? A deep insight of digital space will help the creator to form the best user interface and user-friendly app.

By Nidhi Singh

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Having a mobile app is nowadays necessary for any kind of business. With the advent of smartphones and internet, people are spending maximum time on mobile apps to explore events nearby, gather news and get everyday alerts. Tapping this opportunity, many businesses have developed their own dedicated mobile apps to better engage with their customers and stay ahead of competitors. There is no dearth of tools to aid in the design and development of a mobile app but there are few key steps that developers need to keep in mind before building the first app.

Entrepreneur India spoke to a few experts to know how difficult it is to develop a mobile app from scratch. The experts also shared one important step developers should not miss in the process of app development.

Understand the Logic of the App:

In a competitive scenario, it's important to develop a unique app which can attract more and more customers.

According to, Rishabh Vyas, CEO and Founder, Baromeeter, the key aspect for developing an app is to understand the 'logic' of the app process (flow) i.e. What does the app intend to do and how?

"If this part is clear, rest is all coding. The more clarity on the 'logic' of the app, the more robust and efficient the app would be. It's like if a doctor is able to diagnose what exact problem you have, he'll be able to give you the best possible medicine to cater to it," said Vyas.

However, he also added that sometimes the coding goes wrong and becomes complex when the developer isn't clear what he/she is supposed to code. The developer keeps on implementing one code on top of the other in the process.

Mobile App Quality Assurance:

For Avinash Tiwari, Co-founder and Director, pCloudy, automation testing and assuring the quality is the key to the success of a mobile app in this era of increasing device fragmentation.

"It helps enterprises to build applications that are scalable and accessible across multiple platforms. By leveraging the cloud, apps can react faster to the market and enterprises can bring down the testing costs," said Goel.

Consumers have little patience for bad mobile experiences. About 40 percent of downloaded apps are uninstalled within the first 2 or 3 weeks of use. Goel emphasized that knowing the app development ecosystem and staying abreast with the latest updates in OS versions and market trends can help developers anticipate problems introduced into the platform with the latest releases.

"Check the release notes to intercept potential issues that can hamper the app's success," he added.

Improved Feature and Interface:

Building a successful app is just like starting a successful business; both follow the same set of steps, starting from the product quality to its marketing. Ashish Bahukhandi, Founder and CEO of Apps Discover Technologies believes the success of any app solely depends on its feature and interface.

"A deep insight of digital space will help the creator to form the best user interface and user-friendly app. In the current world, a successful app is the one which not only serves its purpose but also gives the user a hassle-free experience. Creating user-friendly interface plays a key role in building a successful mobile application as users find it handier when compared to other applications," shared Bahukhandi

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