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7 Incredible Tips That Will Prompt People to Download Your App Though people can reach your app via aggressive promotion on your part, this does not guarantee that they will download it.

By Mehul Rajput

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Developing an app for your business is the first step towards getting noticed via the immensely strong medium of mobile applications. However, before you start smiling and feeling good about your decision, there are certain aspects that you need to carefully ponder. Though you have developed an app, getting your targeted consumers to download it is the biggest challenge.

It is a fact that there are loads and loads of apps been pushed into the market every now and then. This can be an excellent perspective for end users. However, from the business and developer perspective, this means more competition to beat. As users will be getting a choice, developers will be facing the challenge of pushing their developed apps for downloads.

With so much to beat, becoming the next Pinterest or Facebook, or even reaching somewhere close to these apps is something that needs strong planning and perfect implementation of marketing plans that ensure your app reaches the right audience and gets downloaded too.

Moreover, making the mistake of thinking that promotion is the same activity as influencing, can backfire. Even if you are able to promote your app, influencing people to download it is the biggest feat you can achieve. Though people can reach your app via aggressive promotion on your part, this does not guarantee that they will download it.

So let us get cracking on some tips that can help you in achieving the difficult feat – Getting downloads for your app:

1. Pre-planning your promotions

Though it is said above that influencing is important than promotions, this does not negate the need of marketing your app. So it is better if you spare time for this activity right at the beginning and create a pre-launch app marketing strategy. For this, you have to first note who your audience is and where it is present.

The next step is to start talking about your future launch across channels where your audience is active. This can be across social media, or internet forums and such other mediums. Engaging in such activities will mean that your app is already known to people; even while you are still in the process of developing it.

2. Don't you love something for free? Your users like it too

Once you are through with the initial stage of promoting during the development stage, the day arises when you actually are ready with the final product. Launching it across app stores along with some free offers can be a good trick. These freebies can be anything; a gift hamper, a free holiday, or cash too. People will definitely hit the download button for such freebies.

However, one important thing to be cautious here is that your app needs to be best. It needs to offer value addition to consumers. Remember that you definitely don't want users to just download your app for freebies and then uninstall it thereafter. This will lead to huge loss. So tread carefully.

3. The universally accepted rule – Content is king

Over and over again you must have heard or read about how content is ruling the internet space. This is also true in the case of your app. So starting a blog that is able to generate visitor traffic can be a great option to lure consumers to your app page.

The important point here is to write quality stuff. Provide readers with content that helps them solve their queries. The blogging fatigue can work for you only if you have good and great content to share. Including links in these blogs that guide readers to your app's landing page is the next step. You will definitely get more visitors to your app page and eventually get more downloads.

4. Try publishing elsewhere

Understand that you are not going to reap in readers to your own blog from day one. This is a slow yet steady process which will reap benefits for sure; however, with time. So you can start sharing or publishing content across websites or blogs that allow you to do so. Remember to choose websites that are similar to your industry. You can get significant visitors from such sites too. The credibility of these websites will work to your benefit and get you more downloads eventually.

5. Press is valuable

People trust endorsements. This means that if you get known journalists to write about your app or get it reviewed, this will lead to increase in credibility and popularity of your app. This will then lead to more downloads.

6. Ask for feedback

Pushing your app via various channels and asking for genuine feedback is a good move. This not only increases your popularity, but it also helps you to gain more app downloads. Again, remember that this will work only if you have developed a great app.

7. App promo video

The video marketing for your app will help to increase downloads. Creating an app promo video to introduce your mobile app and explain how the app can be used and benefit the people that download it.

A final note

All the above-mentioned tips are apt if you wish to get visitors pouring in onto your app's landing page and getting downloads. Using social channels to reach your targets and providing them reasons to download your app is the right way to go ahead. Ensuring that your product has potential is the primary step though; if you intend to keep on reaping success with downloads for your app.

Mehul Rajput

CEO, Mindinventory

Mehul Rajput is the CEO of Mindinventory, a mobile app development company. He loves to write on mobile technologies, Startups, Entrepreneurship and mobile applications.

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