Next Gen Tech like Automation & Robotics to Reshape the Future of Indian IT Staffing Industry The advantages of smart systems are giving the rise to new roles and forcing candidates to upgrade their knowledge and skills

By Shibani Patel

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What do you think is the significant change in the IT Industry? Well, it definitely is Automation, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and more! People fear – Will RPA replace people. The truth is Humans have an irreplaceable role in business, operations, decision making, especially when it comes creation, collaboration and interaction at work. Automation principally saves valuable time on monotonous jobs, which are diverted to the virtual workforce, to have focused on the value-added work, only possible by Humans.

Need of Workforce

Today we see the need for a talented workforce going up and around which brings in the need to look for better ways to search the right fit candidate. The recruiting teams are on constant stress to deliver the right fit candidate from the large pool of available profiles. In order to meet the quality standards, they have to manually follow a few processes. The most critical part is to identify which processes need to be automated and where cost savings can be achieved. However, Automation and Robotics call for expertise in implementing the technologies.

Growing Trends

Trends are seen that skilled manufacturing workers seem to be diminishing over the next decade. The industry may have to add-on a new set of skilled employees. This trend will open up an unmatched ground to allow and route the true potential prevailing in the market. Various roles would become extinct, as automation adoption intensifies in various industry sectors. Let's take an example which even a common man can relate to, if we look at the banking sector, there were tellers in banks in high numbers which dropped down drastically due to automated teller machines and now even Kiosks, internet banking, mobile banking for various other banking transactions which has eradicated roles and given birth to new roles which ask for skills which cannot be duplicated by robots or automation. Other cases would be of the labour-intensive sectors like manufacturing, textile, agriculture which also have equally been impacted by the automation and robotics technology. There is an anticipated revenue growth by the staffing industry due to automation. There is smart analytics to measure performance and returns. Staffing firms initially are looking at Revenue, Profitability and quality of sourcing as the top priority measures to be looked upon with help of automation. In the process of measuring the top measures, there would also be other relational benefits such as improving client relationships, expand the business, time-saving processes, improving the candidate and experience.

Bridging the Gap through skill development

There is uncertainty in firms who are in thoughts of adopting automation. People do have concerns about its benefits. Antiquated systems may not be able to give the results and successful teams due to the demands in the market which is constantly changing and asking for quality services. This could be due to the knowledge gap in understanding the areas of automation and its paybacks. Changing skills and tasks, give rise to new job titles. There is a need for new technical courses and training. These courses and training would act as a bridge between the demand and the supply of the talent gaps. The demand is equally disrupting the wage scales which have been prevailing till date.

Rising Approach

There are solution providers who may dramatize the perception of artificial intelligence, but we need to understand and identify the areas where Artificial intelligence and Automation and make the right impact. It is very critical to building the right balance between human dependency and the automation part of the process. With the right balance, professionals will embrace automation rather than perceiving it as a threat. There is more than 75per cent of staffing companies looking forward to adopting automation. Automation would make some jobs obsolete and create new on its journey. This shift in automation is gaining speed every day and the ones which get the grip at the right place will move ahead than others with high value for their customers.

The collaboration of teams and machines would be the best combination to reap the results of the technology today, giving rise to innovation in the recruitment lifecycle. A data-driven approach to hiring can a winning path to getting the hiring done with the quality and the quantity that the industry is looking for. More than 80% recruiters believe automation can improve productivity and performance by leveraging the technology to have more time and save costs.

Advantages of New Technology

All in all when said automation is there to grow in the industry bringing in a paradigm shift gaining higher results and disrupting the traditional methods and jobs which were prevailing till date. Automation in recruitment would end up making things easier to manage by the distribution of tasks for all. The speed at which Industries is growing would bring about the need for custom solutions, is expected to drive the robotics market further. The advantages of smart systems are giving the rise to new roles and forcing candidates to upgrade their knowledge and skills. The above trends, opinions and points burn down to an observation that automation, artificial intelligence, IoT and robotics are here to create benefits for all. It would shake the systems, roles, skills and the pay scales irrespective of the acceptance or resistance showed towards it.

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Shibani Patel

India Head and Vice-President, Collabera Technologies

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