Mobile Marketing Tips to Drive Business Success Hitherto, SEO was only applicable to website designers and developers but now it is a common strategy in the Android app development industry

By Harnil Oza

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Over 93 per cent of internet users now access the internet through mobile device and the figure will continue to increase. So, retailers are now focused on different forms of mobile marketing. When you say anything about mobile technology, what comes to the mind is mobile apps and Android app development.

Serious retailers do not only hire app development companies, they also make their website mobile friendly so that whichever one a prospective customer accesses, he will be attracted. Here are some great mobile marketing tips.

Optimize Your App

There are over one million apps on the net now and more are still being launched on a daily basis. So, this makes it very difficult for people to spot your mobile app. Every reliable Android app development company now optimizes their mobile app for search engine. This is very important since Android app development industry is becoming more and more competitive.

Hitherto, SEO was only applicable to website designers and developers but now it is a common strategy in the Android app development industry. In a nutshell, it is no longer enough to develop and launch your app. You must optimize it so that more people will see it otherwise your mobile app will just drown in the crowd. Remember, they have to spot it to explore it or find out how useful it is.

Make Your Website Mobile-friendly

The fact that you already have an app does not mean that your website cannot also be used for marketing. You need to understand that only your regular customers will download your app. First-time customers and customers who order your products and services once in a while will make do with only your website because people are now more judicious with their mobile data and their storage space. So, you need to make your website is mobile friendly to avoid chasing your customers away. In fact, most customers will assess your services with their experience on your website.

Shorten Your Forms

It is understandable that first-time customers need to register because you need their details for proper profiling. However, long forms discourage customers. The only time people enjoy typing is when they are chatting. Apart from that, typing is real work and it is even twice difficult when done on a mobile device. So you should make things easier for your customers by reducing the length of the form.

You can merge several fields into just one. For instance, instead of having a separate field for each of first name, middle name and last name, you might as well have just one field and tag it as either "name" or "full name".

Another way is to break the whole form into two or three steps. The user will only fill two to three fields and click on "next" to get to the next step. That way, it won't seem overwhelming. Finally, keep only the fields that are necessary for profiling. For instance, you do not need "marital status" to do any profiling.

Make Your Phone Number a Link

If, for any reason, a customer decides to put a call through to you, it is easier for him to look at his PC and dial your number straight up. This is not so easy on the phone, whether he is using your app or your website. He will have to copy your number out first before switching to his dialer. Another option is to copy your number and paste it on his dialer. Both are a little difficult. You know how difficult it can be when you are trying to copy out something from a website on the phone. Highlighting it is usually difficult.

So, you can save your customers from all the pain by just making your phone number a click-to-call link. That way, customers just need to tap your number on the website and a call will be initiated. Little things like this go far in giving your customers great user experience.

Disable Popups

Nothing annoys customers more than unnecessary popups. These popups can still be tolerated on a PC because they take a negligible amount of screen space. But they constitute huge nuisance on the phone. This is why you should disable them. Some websites give customers the liberty to disable them. Not every customer will be patient enough for that. Once one or two popups appear, they will leave your website straightaway.

Avoid Heavy Videos and Images

Another thing that can put off customers is slow loading time. An ideal mobile app or website should not take up to 10 seconds to load. A loading time of about 11 to 20 seconds may still be manageable but anything more than 20 seconds is simply unacceptable. So ensure your loading time is short.

One way to achieve this is to remove all heavy videos and pictures from your website. These files slow your website and it will also slow your app. So, you should either optimize or remove them.

Simplicity Matters

Why will any customer take a lecture on how to navigate through your website or your app when there are many alternatives available? People will just stay away from apps that are difficult to use. This is why you should keep your user interface very simple and highly intuitive.

Design it in such a way that even a 12 year old can navigate through it easily. Focus only on features that are relevant to the main function of the app. Too many features and buttons have a way of making an interface clumsy and discouraging.

You can also make use of collapsible headers. Instead of filling each page with too much information, you can group all the information into different collapsible headers. When a user taps on any header, all the information under it will appear.

Integrate Social Media into your App and Website

It is advisable to integrate popular social media like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter into your website and mobile app. This will make it easy for your customers to be able to share your posts. Remember, when your post goes viral, it will increase your credibility and popularity and it will also reinforce your brand. This means more sales and more profit for you.

However, customers will not share your posts if they are just advertisements without useful information. If you want customers to share your posts, post more of short video clips, keep them informational and include some humor.

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Harnil Oza

CEO, Hyperlink Infosystem

Harnil Oza is a CEO of Hyperlink Infosystem, a Top mobile app development company based in USA & India who deliver best App development mainly on Android and iOS platform. He regularly contributes his knowledge on the leading blogging sites.

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