Here is How Technology is Booming the Educational Scenario in India Online education industry is being assisted by the efforts of the Union Government through their dedicated approach towards digitalization

By Sandip Kar

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As internet penetration is growing across the nation because of Digital India, the education sector has also broken away from the traditional four walls and chalks-and-talks method, and is steadily expanding its domain through the internet. According to a recent report issued by the World Economic Forum, not only does, India holds an important place in the global education industry, the nation has also become the second largest market for e-learning after the US.

There has been a boom in the digital education scenario of India over the past 5 years. This boost can be credited to the advancement of technology along with the efforts put in by online education aggregators. In a nation with 200 million and growing internet user base, these education aggregators are playing a pivotal role in imparting quality education to those who seek it.

Students from schools and colleges are voraciously using these online platforms to meet their educational needs. Typically, a classroom situation only provides teacher engagement for almost 40 minutes. Additionally, these 40 minutes are shared by 35 to 40 students.On the other hand; services provided by online education players are available to the student at an individual level, that too around the clock.

A unique solution to the diverse problems of the sector: Online education aggregators

The presence online education aggregators have proven to be beneficial in alleviating the challenges in the education sector at the grass roots level. They are providing audio visual learning material and solutions to the students from every level in form of PowerPoint presentations and modules. These platforms also provide the students with an option of revision through their dedicated test series. Since, all of this is online; students have the liberty to choose the time and the way they would like to be engaged. Additionally, such platforms provide assistance around the clock which is beneficial for students who have last minute doubts and questions.

Dearth of single subject teachers no more!

The online aggregators are also helping in solving the crisis of the unavailability of single subject teachers in the nation. Today, India has a dearth of almost a million teachers and online education platforms are actively helping to overcome this. They are bridging the gap between students and teachers as well as institutes. Now, those who are interested to learn a certain subject or re-skill themselves can easily connect with a teacher/ institute which specializes in the same over the internet. Even teachers and coaching institutes can participate in such networks to make available their services to the people.

Diversified approach with a single goal

Apart from all this, the online education aggregators have also made available educational solutions to every student across the board. They have services for college graduates, aspirants appearing in competitive exams, school students as well as for people who wish to prepare for a language or skill proficiency test or are looking to re-skill themselves. They have made it easier for them to come in contact with coaching classes and institutes which suit their needs.

Another added bonus of e-learning is the streamlining of options. By using the services provided by such players, the students can streamline his search for classes and teachers in such a way that they complement his schedule instead of disrupting it.

Digitalization is democratizing the education industry

Along with the multitude of online players there has been a shift from orthodox referral method in teaching and learning towards a more customized one. This is being assisted by the efforts of the Union Government through their dedicated approach towards digitalization. E-learning and tuition/coaching finding system will soon become main stream in the nation and benefit almost every stakeholder in the education industry as well as helping in impart quality education indiscriminately.

Sandip Kar


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