Before we Write The Death of the Wallet, Here's the Smarter Version To catch up with the modern requirements and needs, Cuir Ally, a leather wallet brand, came up with its all new smart wallet range for the tech-savvy entrepreneurs

By Sahiba Khan

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The USP of the product is a chip fitted inside the right corner of the wallet which helps you to track its GPS location and even ring it when you don't find it. To make it more than just a wallet, the creators have included 'hip' features such as 'selfies' and sharing your wallet location with five other people.

The fact that it cannot fit in your pocket defeats the whole purpose of it being smart and what not. The Cuir Ally Smart Voyager Wallet is surly smart, but not smart enough. Maybe, it still needs to be a tad bit fitter to survive the tech-age.

From time immemorial, we humans have been using wallets to keep our valuables handy and safe. From coin purses (to store coins) to the invention of wallets in 1600s that held paper currency, wallets have been a non-negotiable instrument for the mankind.

But then we hit the tech-era and *woof*, there went our tangible, real money and came bitcoins and cashless economy. In the time of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, robotic and bitcoins, the technology that survives, is the fittest.

Therefore, to catch up with the modern requirements and needs, Cuir Ally, a leather wallet brand, came up with its all new smart wallet range for the tech-savvy entrepreneurs who travel often.

With a diary and sleek pen inside, the wallet boasts of highest quality leather and compartments that can fit everything, from your boarding pass to identity card and SIM cards. But, there's a catch. The first impression of the wallet is good. It comes inside a sophisticated black box with Cuir Ally written in golden italic letters.

As you open the box, you realize that's not meant for the pockets of your denims or shirts. The wallet that comes with 13.9cm x 11 x 1.5 cm dimensions in INR 3,499 could be a good deal, only if you lose your wallet often and are fine with carrying it inside another carry bag.

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