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How Will Applancer Change Mobile App Development Industry When mobile development companies are at their initial stages, applancers are their choice instead of full-time employees

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Precisely, applancer is a mobile app outsourcing platform. Welcoming the disruptive technology has never been that easy, but this norm has been broken by applancers. A large number of apps are being developed in android, IOS and windows every day and this is what brings applancer in the picture.

The field of application development is revolutionized with high-tech apps being developed by applancer. When mobile development companies are at their initial stage, applancers are their choice instead of full-time employees as these are cost-effective, eliminate paperwork and save a lot of time required in the recruitment process.

Well, the question troubling your mind would be where and how will you find them? To know this let's first study how outsourcing platform of app development is changing with applancers.

Who Need Them And Why?

Applancer is basically a web development community wherein the project owners will hunt for the top developers and companies. Applancer will be the aid in finding and recruiting app developers and an entire team for that. Project owners are assured with the quality output in desired time. Well before you fall for hiring any applancer, keep your head clear that they might sound as the perfect fit for all your app development needs but it's not all rainbows and the sunshine. Applancers are generally used for two categories:

1. Application developers

2. Project owners seeking to transform their ideas into app

Outsourcing the app makes sense as your end result is not limited to the capacities of your team members, it has a global touch from the outsourcing platform you have chosen.

Let's make you familiar with the key reasons why outsourcing is beneficial for app industry:

1. Extensive Search Process

Applancers set themselves far from the normal horizon. Their zone of experience is not limited to the one company but they possess a varied range of experience, having worked with disparate companies which raised their bar quite high. The productive and dedicated team combines their brainpower, devote their heart and soul that is utilized in a fruitful way to match up with the hiring company's demand. These people put in integrity, uniqueness, compassion to cope with the expectations of the hiring company.

2. Cost-effective

Costing is always a major concern when it comes to any project. Every company desires that their work would be completed in time, with qualitative output but with low cost. The basic budgeting of app building sets in a bar of $1,50,000 to $400000 which is way too high. Now, if you march towards applancer, your costing bar would set in between $12000 to $100000. Hourly rates are the main cause for this deduction and for startups, applancer is a budget saver alternative.

3. Expertise

New tools and functions keep on coming in the market and to make your app to work smoothly, incorporation of these tools is mandatory. Applancers have in-depth knowledge and expertise with these tools and how to incorporate them in best possible manner to uplift your app. This will keep the app stay updated with the industry and this is the magic of outsourcing.

4. Full Fledged Services

App development process is not limited to converting an idea into an app, there are many considerations after that also. Applancer takes on all the responsibilities from start to end, also undertaking after end duties. This will allow the developers to create a better working environment and focus on more important functions. Mobile app development India is incorporating this concept slowly and gradually and benefitting a lot from it. They can focus more on resource management and also find ways of cost reduction. They can also invest more time in market research and explore various opportunities when they are free from the hassle of app building.

Pratik Kanada

CEO, 360 Degree Technosoft

CEO of 360 Degree Technosoft, a mobile app development company. Writes about Leadership, Start-up Quests, Social Media, Latest Tech Trends and Mobile Applications.

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