India's Top Ten Designs for Make in India Here's the very best of what India 2016 has to offer in terms of technology design

By Rustam Singh

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To encourage the creation of locally designed products as a vision of PM Modi's 'Make in India' campaign, Qualcomm announced a list of their top ten designs in India from the Qualcomm Design in India challenge. Winners recieved USD10,000 each and the top 3 winners stand to win USD 100,000 each after months of testing.

Here are the winners:


Aarav Unnamed Systems is an intelligent quad rotor drone capable of executing autonomous flights in areas where GPS is not allowed or inaccessible using vision based navigation techniques. The software and hardware is completely designed in India and will be available to researchers and developers worldwide looking to execute their own ideas/algorithms

Home and Industrial Automation

Artificial Machines is an Internet of Things (IOT) platform that includes an end-to-end offering of all the tools and technologies you'd need to make your product SMART and internet enabled which includes Hardware Design, Embedded Coding, Mobile Apps and Server Solutions.

IoT Telematics

Carnot Technologies is a small device that connects the user's car/bike to a smartphone and lets the user monitor the safety of their vehicle. If the vehicle is moved, towed or stole you'd get an instant notification and instant access to emergency contacts in case of an accident. They've also added some driving style analytics and sharing road trips.


Green Robot Technology is developed by a farmer and for farmers; it utilizes technology currently utilized in other industrial sectors in farming. It's compact and intelligent, with 3D vision based solution for detecting and locating objects and primarily aimed at harvesting and other farm tasks like variable rate applicator/spraying for precision agricultural operations. It reduces the drudgery in farming and also alleviates the peak labor demand.


iFuture System is an autonomous Robot for Known Environments. It provides storage and retrieval systems to Industry segments such as E-Commerce, Automotive and Logistics. It's driven by motors and 2 axis arms with grippers. It can move inventories within a known environment as quickly as a human worker and combi9ned with computing even faster.

Image Processing & VR

Lensbricks is the world's first self-editing video camera. Using an intelligent and patented "joy ranking" technology, it can capture and curate the best moments form long durations of recorded to showcase the most "happy" parts of a video. It records and processes via commands through an app.

Robotics, Drones

Myelin blimp consists of a lightweight envelope filled with helium and equipped with a dynamic buoyancy control system to provide variable upward thrust and the copter providers the capacity to move in space with 6 degrees of freedom. The hybrid drone has a long flight time and powerful defense and civil usage.

High performance Computing

Treepie is aiming to develop a product that contains a low cost high performance cluster of Qualcomm Krait boards to perform HPC with high MHYz/W ratio. This would be useful for ioT based applications, video game developers, academicians and students who want to build their own distributed parallel computing applications at a very low cost.

Image Processing & VR

Uncanny Vision is an intelligent Surveillance Camera that will consist of the deep learning based CNN/RNN models for Scene Recognition, Anomaly detection; face recognition and human pose detection along with several other features.

Smart Cities

Watchy SafeCam aims to provide realizable IP connectivity to surveillance Cameras by aggregating and intelligently aggregating 2G/3G/4G links. It also provides full HD IP camera with audio, MP5 compression and uninterrupted Direct streaming to cloud.

Unfortunately, none of the designs had any real distinguishing design factor that made it look very different and instantly eye-catching. Sure, productivity can be increased phenomenally and some are quite useful to the industry, but they appeared to be just polished version of previous technology/products. What's your take on this? Let us know in the comments on our official Facebook page Entrepreneur India

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