Artificial Intelligence is Really the Future? Let's Explore

Corporate world can leverage artificial intelligence to optimize productivity, provide real-time insights, facilitate critical communication and more

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Can we imagine our lives without computers? It's a big NO from individuals from every walk of life. These intelligent machines have become an irrevocable part of our lives in the last few years. With computers becoming smart and smarter, we have taken giant leaps to convert what once was recognized as science fiction into reality.

Despite the scare of robots taking over measly human jobs, major companies have understood the relevance of the technological miracle that is Artificial Intelligence, popularly recognized as AI. Unlike 20 years ago, people don't undergo any sense of hesitation before talking to an Alexa or a Siri, testifying that the era of intelligent machines that work and react like humans has come.

The recent developments in the field of AI make it a relevant time to understand the opportunities that the corporate world can leverage to optimize productivity, provide real-time insights, facilitate critical communication and more.

The Recognition

The fresh recognition given to the pioneers of artificial intelligence, computer scientists Yoshua Bengio, Geoffrey Hinton and Yann LeCun with the Turing Award, an honour that is better known as technology industry's version of the Nobel Prize has established that the world is acknowledging the relevance of emerging tech.

AI has become a part of DNA for tech giants like Google. To maintain the sanctity of this technology and address the concerns around the ethics revolving around the growth of artificial intelligence, the company has created an Advanced Technology External Advisory Council to keep AI in check and shape the "responsible development and use" of AI in its products.

The Adoption

Apart from being the fastest growing technologies in science, AI has taken the crown for being the front-runner for digital transformation, which has become a major part of every company's agenda; 40 per cent of which is expected to be met by employing artificial intelligence. Smart assistants are fostering decision making procedure in diverse fields, from medicine, IT and education too.

Currently, voice recognition is the most widely used feature of artificial intelligence. Automated communications not only improves performance but also empower companies by generating meaningful data for better planning. The following infographic by IT outsourcing company, provides an insight into the applications and advantages of artificial intelligence: