How ChatBots have Become More 'Personalized' and Less 'Robotic' ChatBots create a bond between people and technology, which these days are almost done by Artificial Intelligence

By Neha Modgil

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ChatBots is a customized and automated program to Interact with humans, which is available twenty-four by seven as an Interactive-Agent. Almost every Brand now is using ChatBots Service on their websites, applications, blogs, and software for better and quicker customer support.

It is time-saving, which means it is helpful for any customer-centric organization. It is quicker than humans and can curate the content faster with better accuracy. Once the data is fed in the feedbox it will have the answers quicker and solve all your queries.

ChatBots create a bond between people and technology, which these days are almost done by Artificial Intelligence. ChatBots have a different personality and can create a persona which seems to be real.

  • It helps us In finding the answer

  • Its availability is good

  • It is also personified

  • It is fast and accurate

Effects of UX Strategy

Understanding the real need of designing ChatBots or VUI

People of new age want everything speedily when it comes to interface conversation. For instance

We look for a quick response – If you are lost, you can verbally command your device to locate the exact location you are looking for

We need a reminder – A great example is SlackBot which is a messaging channel used by 6.6k teams across the globe.

You can also set reminders for other people (e.g. @xyz) on the team too. /Remind @xyz to book the cabin for the meeting in1 hour.

Build a guise for your bot

We all have our own imagination towards a digital language, voice or text. For example, Talking Tom sounds like a local boy.

Reputation and User satisfaction are the main objective of any brand. They use the right character to exemplify their brand. If you visit any Hi-tech website, they do have their ChatBots system which initiates a conversation with a concerned tone "How may I assist you? Can I help you?" and so on.

Following are the things we need to plan while creating a friendly and chatty interface.

  • Know the User?

It is essential to know what Conversation attracts our users. Is it formal or Informal? What would the users look for? What are the FAQs? Make sure to create a personality according to our users' needs.

Google is a search engine which is Informative and the Interface of its Bots is also with the same persona.

  • The persona should replicate our brand personality

It is important to understand the significance of User Psychology. ChatBots are created for the Users, By the Users, and to the Users. The bonding of an automated program with humans has not always been great, but if we can create a great program then we can create builds more and more connection.

  • Availability matters

A Chabot should be accessible at all times to ensure that the User queries are resolved instantly.

  • Content along with a good tone plays a vital role

When a User interacts with a ChatBots they expect a calm, friendly and helpful tone. This helps to assure the User that his grievances would be addressed to with utmost priority.

How would you devise a Human-Centered ChatBots?

To create human-centred ChatBots we should first understand the User Needs and wants.

The ChatBots should be:

• Interactive • Problem - solving • Cheerful

• Inquisitive • Realistic • Relevant

• Clear and concise

The ChatBots tête-à-tête Script should be

The conversation should start with a greeting

No close-ended questions should be asked because there is a lot of chance for the users to skip the question.


  • Good Morning, How are you doing? (Great Opening)

  • Good Morning!

  • Is there anything I can help you with? (Concerned tone)

  • I'm looking for a xyz Course. Can u help me find the right course?

  • Happy to help you!

  • Thanks!

  • Here is the best course that you are looking for.

  • Oh, thank you so much!

  • I Think I can go with it.

  • I think you have got the right course.

Facebook Messenger has a ChatBots system which is most likely used for the Business purpose. Previously company' availability was deprived and many have failed to resolve the customers' problem on time. ChatBots came into existence to catch hold the customers at every point.

We can thus conclude that the future of the Digital era will be of ChatBots system and AI has made it more convenient for the Users to Interact.

Neha Modgil

Co-founder and COO, Techved Consulting

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