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Ravi Bhushan On Four Apps He Cannot Live Without Bhushan is the founder and CEO of BrightCHAMPS

By S Shanthi

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As rightly said, we live in an era of smartphones and mobile apps. From interacting with the world and managing our time to fitness and entertainment, we cannot imagine living without apps. And, we all have our favorites. For some it could be gaming apps, for others, it could be social media or OTT apps. Then, we also have apps that we need to function and work well.

For Ravi Bhushan, the founder and CEO of BrightCHAMPS, the four everyday apps he swears by are Notion, Waze, Duolingo and He tells us why.


"I am an obsessive note-taker, list-maker, and journal-keeper. I've inherited this habit from my grandfather, who encouraged me to pen down my thoughts and preoccupations early in life daily. It's also the reason I started writing poetry as a young boy. At this point, I think my entire life is recorded in some shape or form within Notion. Writing things down makes me more expressive and articulate, which ultimately makes me a more organized and effective business leader. As a techie at heart, I also love the interface, simple user experience, and the flexibility it offers. Definitely recommend it to all those who ask me for productivity advice."

Source: Logowik

Image source: Logowik


"I love traveling and exploring new places, and Waze is a great companion for me when I'm out and about, discovering someplace new. I once read this description about Waze, and it really is the best way to introduce the app to those who don't use it - it's like Google Maps, but with personality. I was on a trip with my son recently, and every day, we'd change the navigation voice to something funny. I'm also partial to apps that bake in a sense of community and customization, and Waze checks that box too, with crowd-sourced recommendations based on your past behavior and preferences."

Image source: Google Play Store


"I try to learn at least one new thing in a day, and Duolingo is my go-to app for this. I think it's a great case study for how smooth learning journeys with simple gamification can lead to habit formation for all your audience sets. I'm almost as invested in not breaking my learning 'streak' as my pre-teen son! While fluency in any new language requires going deep into the lexicon, grammar, and syntax, I find Duolingo to be exceptionally good at helping users grasp and retain conversational phrases and the basics of language."

Image source: Google Play Store

"Outside of my family and relationships, I care about 2 things in life – education and health. I find to be an exceptional product that helps its users achieve so much on the health side. I can definitely say that I've played so much more badminton and rediscovered the joy of all the other sports I used to enjoy as a child since I started using the app. I also really like that it caters to all aspects of health - physical, mental, and nutritional. I'm glad India has a homegrown product like Cult-fit."

Image source: Google Play Store
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