These Apps Teach How One Can Benefit From a Leader's Popularity

When you search Modi Keynote app, there are more than 25 apps by same name, and similar looking pictures.

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There is no doubt that Prime Minister Modi is the most popular politician on Twitter and Facebook. But since last one week Modi's popularity is flooding the Google Play ranking charts.When you search Modi Keynote app on Playstore, there are more than 25 apps by the same name, and similar looking pictures.

Ever since the demonetisation drive of old currency took place, a number of apps related to Modi and currency keyword ruled the play store rankings. Yesterday, three Modi apps were among the top 5 apps on Google Playstore. And today there are four different Modi apps among the top 20 free apps on Playstore.

A lot of people have noticed a lot of apps with a similar name, which often confuses a user to spot a fake and an original app. Most of these apps were made after the demonetization drive to increase grip on the Playstore ranking.Google ranks an application on the play store by its ratings and downloads.

On the App Store, search terms related to the Modi and note app occupied few spots of the Trending list.These apps cashed on Modi's popularity after PM's announcement for Narendra Modi App made news.

Comparing the number of downloads, the official Narendra Modi App is the most downloaded app with 5 million downloads till now. It has seen increased traffic since the Modi's announcement of in-app survey to get people's opinion on the sudden demonetisation move.

Another app called Modi Keynote has received 1 million downloads and the description on the Play Store defines it "just for fun'.The app doesn't actually identify the difference between real and fake currency.

Among the top five apps, another app developed by RedMango Apps called Modi Ki Note was created for entertainment purpose. The app with more than one million downloads had comments from users calling the app 'pure hoax', 'fake' and 'total waste of time.Be sure before you download these apps.

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