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Things to Keep in Mind Before Renting a Luxury Car There's no need to own a luxury car any longer .

By Rajesh Loomba

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You want to take your girl out on a date or plan a long awaited road trip with your closest buddies to some exotic locale or need a bigger SUV for a road trip holiday with the entire family. Or maybe that, you just want to indulge yourself in the sheer joy and pleasure of driving a luxury car . Or you want to hire a Mercedes with a trained and uniformed chauffeur to make that impression for a business meeting or go to a friends place or dinner in a luxury car and have the driver wait for you for the trip back home .Fret not! There's no need to own a luxury car any longer .

There are Car rental companies out there that can make this dream ride come true, and save you money as opposed to owning a car. After all, getting behind those power wheels is a status symbol in today's world, doesn't matter if you want to flaunt a sporty car or a classy one.

The figures speaks for itself. As per Ken Research, the car rental market in India is set to grow at a CAGR rate and exceed Rs 800 billion by 2019, due to the rise in number of bookings done online and through apps.

No doubt, cruising in a powerful luxury car is an adrenaline-charged feeling. If renting one is in your mind, you need to consider a few factors. Being aware of important things before renting out a luxury car can save you from headaches and make the ride truly joyous.

The basics are: First decide whether you want to be driven by a Chauffeur or want to drive the car yourself. Make sure that the rental company from where you are leasing your metal beauty owns the vehicles. Inquire about the year of the oldest cars that they have in their possession. Make sure that you are renting your vehicle from a reputed agency which have a good track record. It is advisable that you go through customer reviews online before booking the car. Inquire about the actual cost of the car and compare the rents, before going confirming the booking

In this sharing economy , its making less and less sense to own your own car. We are seeing millions of people globally giving up cars and instead just renting as per their needs. App based taxis for those short trips and car rental companies when you want the car for longer, both with or without a chauffeur. This was you get a taste of various models of cars with zero headaches.

No more the frustrating process of buying cars, renewing insurance and following up for claims, or the weekends spent at workshops maintaining the cars , arguing with neighbors over parking the cars, managing the driver and then the process of selling the car after its lifespan is over. Instead just call a luxury car as per your need when you need it . Renting a car is much cheaper than owning a car and keeping it in the garage most of the times. At least buying the second car makes no sense at all with a variety of renting options available in the market.

Renting a luxury car for a longer period of time can be more cost-effective then renting a car for a shorter period of time. Not only you can save money, but also enjoy the seamless class that a luxury car offers. Across the country, there are several rental companies offering cars like BMW, Audi, , Volvo, Mercedes, , Jaguar and even the Stretch Limousines.

Once you've decided which car and co. to go for, for self drive luxury cars, at the time of rental get in the car and acquaint yourself with all the different buttons and features before taking it out. Not only it would prevent accidents but also make your rides more enjoyable and all the more adventurous. Evaluate the car carefully and ensure that car doesn't have any dents or any other problem. Many rental companies short-change customers in order to earn more money. Some car rental companies will provide a drop off or pick up of your car. Ask if you can get the rental car delivered right at your doorstep.

Incase it's a self drive car, Once you are out on the road, be careful about the route you take. Some roads in India are terribly bad and it is not suitable for luxury cars. Luxury cars as we all know have lower ground clearance and softer suspension and this can damage them in bad roads. So if you want to keep your rating with the car rental agencies high, analyze routes before you start driving and take some other route if the road condition is bad, so as to avoid unnecessary damage to the car and deductions rom your deposit.

While driving at night, always remember to dip lights in the night. Luxury cars come with really powerful headlamps when compared to ordinary cars. Such strong lights can cause temporary blindness for the driver of the vehicles coming from the front. Turn the lights to low beam while driving at night to prevent a collision.

Please abstain from letting others drive your rented car. One is the change of hands and the other thing is that friends and family members often get overwhelmed and they over speed. Unlike ordinary cars, luxury cars can pick up extraordinarily high speed in a few seconds. For inexperienced people, this can prove to be a catastrophe.

Driving and being driven in a luxury car is a beloved dream for most people . With renting luxury cars becoming more cost effective and hassle free than owning one, going about renting cars in an aware manner can truly make renting luxury cars an affordable luxury.

Rajesh Loomba

Managing Director, ECO Rent A Car

Rajesh Loomba is the Managing Director of ECO Rent a Car. 
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