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AI is Introducing the Age of Hiring Dyslexic Employees Integration of these things in your office management systems can be a prominent benefit for dyslexic employees

By Varun Bhagat

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Characterized by reading, organizing and writing difficulties; Dyslexia goes undiagnosed most of the time. About 70-80 per cent of people with issues in reading is dyslexia according to the statistics provided by the Dyslexia Center of Utah. It is either a neurological disorder or hereditary, but it is NOT recognized as a medical problem.

Contrary to the popular myth that dyslexic people are stupid, they are achievers and found in all ethnic groups. Their different levels of learning and understanding make people assume that Dyslexic people are a misfit for their workplace.

We should not blame entrepreneurs for this misconception. Actually, they are just less-informed and aware of the complexities related to the disorder. Although this perception changed to some extent when Meseret Kumulchew, a dyslexic employee of Starbucks, won a discrimination case against the chain. The employers accused her of falsifying documents whereas she had problems with numbers and words.

Do You Understand it?

It was just a mistake which is common to happen by people with this disorder. Companies should be cautious while assigning tasks but not reluctant in hiring dyslexic employees. In contemporary times, with constant advancements in technology, everything has been simplified, including the diagnosis and overcoming of dyslexia.

Innovations in technologies like Artificial Intelligence are contributing to normalizing the work-life of dyslexic employees. There are tools which have been introduced in the market to assist the dyslexic people in their learning and reading problems. These tools can drastically improve the work abilities of your dyslexic employees who have difficulties with the printed documents.

The voice technologies like Google Assistant and Alexa is offering this help with multiple benefits. One can ask about anything at any time and it won't take time to settle doubts related to spelling, speech or facts. People with dyslexia issues can also translate the pictures in their mind into well-written essays and e-mails with the help of speech-to-text software.

Integration of these tools in your office management systems can be a prominent benefit for dyslexic employees. These tools will not let them struggle for the completion of routine work tasks. Are you wondering, how AI is making all these unimaginable tasks possible? Let's explore the abilities of this technology.

Role of AI in Digital Tools for Dyslexic Employees

Artificial intelligence refers to computer-based programs that can solve complex tasks which were earlier confined to human intelligence. Research and advancements in this technology during the past decade has allowed the development of such supportive tools for people with writing and reading issues. AI has allowed the demonstration of general intelligence which is naturally displayed by humans. Hence, the difficulties associated with dyslexia are handled by machines with the integration of artificial intelligence.

Along with AI, machine learning (originally AI's subset) is also contributing greatly in developing these intelligent tools. ML works on algorithms which are based on statistical calculations and driven by data. In order to create these algorithms, data like eye movements of dyslexic people are provided in vast amounts. The extensive data is inculcated into the ML applications to make them capable of handling complex tasks.

The ML models were developed to connect eye movements with reading ability. Other tools like voice assistants are using conversational AI which allows computers to interact with humans. In other apps, you have to swipe and click while using AI-based application but with Alexa, Google Assistant and other voice integrated supports, you just need to speak.

These are simply effortless for users. The development of these tools is not easy but have made possible something which was never imagined by any layperson. The programmers have to develop these VUI which are capable of carrying out conversations that can be conceptually complex.

The AI and ML technologies have made natural conversational experiences with machines possible for humans. The engagement, tone, and memory offered by these AI-based apps can be used for constant support for dyslexic employees at the workplace.

So, if you are dicey about hiring dyslexic employees for your company then know that YOU are the weak one here! People with dyslexia can be ardent workers and great achievers if they are provided with a good support system at their workplaces. Technology enthusiasts and researchers are not leaving any stone unturned to develop applications that can provide tools for increasing the efficiency of dyslexic employees.

This has offered us a new era of hiring dyslexic employees to achieve our social and business goals. It's just the entrepreneurs who have to think out-of-the-box to use the talent of self-learners and creative individuals; the dyslexic people!

Varun Bhagat

Software Consultant | Blogger at PixelCrayons

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