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'Space industry is an unforgiving industry, and allows no room for mistakes'

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With Kawa Space, Kris Nair aspires to make Space of the people, by the people and for the people. When India's first privately owned satellite created history on December 4, 2018, the country's first private space-tech company hogged the limelight. But Kris Nair, 35, the man who led the mission, prefers his privacy.

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He says, "Space industry is an unforgiving industry, and allows no room for mistakes."

Kris is now helming Kawa Space, an angel investor-backed firm founded in 2018. It designs and operates advanced earth observation satellite constellations for enterprises operating in financial services, government, strategic risk management, agricultural, and critical asset management domain.

Kris says, "Accessing data from space is not for the select few anymore. Our solutions can be afforded by not just Fortune 500 companies, but Fortune 10,000 companies."

Kawa's team of eight is expected to double in size this year. It is creating a low earth orbit satellite constellation for a global infrastructure company. Kris attributes the boom in the space industry to a cut in costs by 1/10th over the last 20 years.