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Helping Global Enterprises Through Digital Transformation Altimetrik works as a catalyst for facilitating the process of digitally transforming global enterprises

By Aastha Singal

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Conglomerates are finding it difficult to keep up with the ever-changing trends when organizations born during the digital age are coming up with disruptive solutions for customers every day. Most traditional businesses are in the process of modifying their existing structure, culture and customer experience to meet the changing market requirements.

For facilitating the process of digitally transforming global enterprises, organizations like Altimetrik work as a catalyst. Founded in 2012 by Raj Vattikuti, Altimetrik delivers advanced technology solutions to customers across financial services, payments, retail, automotive, healthcare, manufacturing and other industries.

Digitally Transforming Businesses

"We are trying to get into larger companies to understand what their competition looks like and what their vision is. Based on that, we do workshops with them to decide upon the technology, roadmap and the budget," stated Ranga Kanapathy, head of global delivery and engineering at Altimetrik.

A member of the global IT leadership with over two decades of experience in technology, product, business and people leadership roles, Ranga has previously led India business for VISA Data Labs and has played an instrumental role in setting up the India Development Centre at PayPal. He is now responsible for driving engineering excellence and seamless delivery culture across Altimetrik.

"For digital technology, the main idea is to be ready for the market, be ready for the change and be nimble so that we can do the change is faster," Ranga explained. Altimetrik is based along the same lines with the belief that a better understanding of the need for tech adoption amplifies the process of forming digital solutions for large companies.

According to Ranga, transformation is two-layered; transforming the people within the company and the technology which can help the consumers. These are the two layers Altimetrik caters to while working to digitally transform an organization. During the course of reimaging a traditional organization, comprehending the rival's strategy and market policy before forming their own is equally important.

Experience Matters

"Changing people's mindset is very tough," Ranga stated. Organizations existing for 30-40 years have employees working for them for decades. Transforming them is very important. Competing with Gen-Y who wants to get the solution in a day or two, veterans are okay to wait for a year or two. That's where the company differs.

The younger generation when joining an old business often thinks of changing certain aspects but a company existing for years can't be transformed overnight. It has to be a steady process. It is important to understand that the older generation employees have their own advantages. The people who have been in the industry for years understand how it works, in and out.

Ranga suggests a balance between the new generation and the old generation. "We need a good mix of the domain knowledge which only comes from the experience. But the implementation of the technology, driven by the market and the consumer, can be led through the new generation. This is a combination of domain and technology," he stated.

Altimetrik is extremely sensitive about dealing with both the generations while devising a transformation plan. "We come up with a technology stack that is relevant without disrupting the existing structure," Ranga said. The already working model remains intact as new avenues for dealing with the competition are explored.

Parameters for Business Transformation

As Altimetrik takes up a project, few parameters are brought into consideration before going forward. Topmost of them all is the size of the business.

"If you take a bank which has been there for 20-30 years, the volume of transactions that takes place for some of their customers is billions in a day… If they are looking to double their transactions, there has to be a technology to enable their existing business."

Repeatability is also a key factor while developing a technology. Say you're using a particular function in one part of the country; can it be implemented in another country? The aspect of replication determines the sustainability and scalability for a business. Taking consumer experience into consideration is the most crucial aspect of transformation while thinking of replication and volume, Ranga states.

The company is using Playground – a tool that enables quick up-skilling and builds a lasting culture of friction-free innovation. It is a uniquely agile digital approach designed to envision, prototype and deliver ideas with speed and agility. The company helps organizations conceptualize, build and launch digital transformations and enterprise platforms that create greater experiences for their customers.

Playground is an amalgamation of People, Pathways and Platforms, that redefines the way digital talent is hired and developed, the way they work in a hyper-collaborative environment, the way product engineering processes work, and platforms are developed and launched to meet customer and market demands.

Aastha Singal

Entrepreneur Staff

Former Features Writer

A business journalist looking to find happiness in the world of startups, investments, MSMEs and more. Officially started her career as a news reporter for News World India, Aastha had short stints with NDTV and NewsX. A true optimist seeking to make a difference, she is a comic junkie who'd rather watch a typical Bollywood masala than a Hollywood blockbuster. 

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