Voice Mail Needs To Be a Thing Of The Past

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If you ever try to contact me from the author details given on Entrepreneur.com, you'd notice the landline does not have a voicemail option (but seriously, please don't spam). That is because we have accepted that voicemail is a dying technology that became obsolete several years ago, and needs to be shunned out by businesses likewise. The ability to record your message that can be played back to learn the purpose of a caller reaching out to you that couldn't be connected is practically useless today when it is clearly replaced with faster, better and more compact technology.


Are you absent mindedly still subscribed to voice mail on your cell phone? Or even worse does your fixed line phone still have a recorder box that records messages? Here's why you should consider ditching the ancient technology immediately without hesitation:

It wastes time

Voicemail wastes time for the recorder as well as the listener. Nobody has the patience to listen to an entirely long voice message, and then repeat if the voice gets scratchy and inaudible in a while. Why not text like a sane person instead?

It's bad for record keeping

The sole purpose of voice mail was to ensure the permanency of messages and communications, especially missed connections. However with the invention of cell phones over a decade ago and emails, the technology is redundant. Reverse lookups can help predict the caller and wiser correspondents will often drop and email if they can't get through to you via the phone.

It demolishes privacy in a business

Voicemails must be played back on the loudspeaker if you'd want to hear the message again. Sure some phone sets have the option to play back on your receiver, and you can always plug in earphones for cell phone voicemails, but then if your business was smart enough to include those options then they would have ditched voicemails long while back too. Even the sender needs to be in closed surroundings to transport his private message to you.

It's costing you your time

Voicemails need to be written down and taken action to. An email on the other hand, is directly in the virtual text format. All you need to do it copy paste the message from there and take action. Replies are instant. Want to make notification of the same? Copy – paste. The process is literally that easy.

Multi-task friendly on the go

Voice notes involve your dedication attention to one cause – sending the message across. An email on the other hand, can be written down while simultaneously doing other tasks, such as responding to other emails, make presentations or even on the go in a noisy environment. It's an obvious choice really.

Are you still using voicemail because you hate change? Would you recommend your business to switch to using emails and step into the modern age? Let us know in the comments on our official Facebook page, Entrepreneur India