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OpenAI Internal Messaging Systems Breached in 2023: Report

It should be the responsibility of companies to be transparent with their customers, employees and partners regarding any cyber incidents that take place with the company


India's Future AI Game Plan: From Local Know-How to Global Innovation

If India can break the cost models in AI computing, these innovations can be exported globally positioning the country as a leader in the AI space, said Anil Nanduri

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AI's Global Race: Innovations, Investments, and Public Concerns

United States is leading the global leadership in AI with 61 notable AI models, followed by the EU with 21 notable models, and then China with 15 notable models. Also, in 2023, a huge investment was made in generative Al—USD 25.2 billion, an eightfold increase from 2022

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The Top 15 Skills Most in Demand In India For AI Roles In 2024

With new developments, employees have a common concern; will AI take their jobs? No, the Indian AI market is expected to hit USD 17 billion by 2027 and will create new jobs but you have to master these skills.