Five Tips For Women Entrepreneur To Become a Successful Leader by Bestselling Author Marshall Goldsmith

For a great achiever it is all about me, but for a great leader it is about your employees

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Author Dr Marshall Goldsmith, who is considered as one of the best leadership thinker and executive coach in the world, is also set to release his new book How Women Rise, where the bestseller is discussing what is holding women from the next big step, which can be a job promotion or raise or a leap in her career.


The leadership expert has authored more than 30 books and has written some of the bestsellers such as the MOJO: How to Get It, How to Keep It, and How to Get It Back If You Lose It, Triggers and What Got You Here Won't Get You There. On the other side, some of his management books are translated in more than 25 languages and are sold across 10 countries, including India.

During his recent trip to the country to promote his next release, Goldsmith in conversation with Entrepreneur India shared five tips for shepreneurs on how to become successful leaders:

#Others First

Goldsmith says for a great achiever it is all about me, but for a great leader it is about your employees and customers.

"As you move up in your career, you have to let go, which is one of the greatest challenges for entrepreneurs," the leadership coach points out. And therefore, he suggests women entrepreneurs to learn the art of letting go, which help them in thinking about others.

#Seek Feedback

As per the author the key to success is analyzing the feedback and implementing it in the right direction.

"Listen to what people tell you and learn from it while focusing on making long term positive changes in your leadership behavior," he shared.

#Create A Difference

Goldsmith suggests shepreneurs to have a mission in life, which aims to create a positive difference.

"Don't get too much focused on proving that you are smart or right. Instead, look at creating some positive difference (in people's life)," he advised.

#Customer Is The King

Entrepreneur should remember people have the power to decide, and should make peace with that.

He proposed, "Not the best or the brightest person, but the decision maker is going to be your customer. So, if you want to make a positive difference, you need to influence the decision makers, i.e your customers,"

#Talent Should Be Equal To Value

The leadership coach recommends women entrepreneur to match talent with value.

"In your new world, not everyone will be equally important in terms of adding value to the company. Therefore, make sure you invest in the key talent and in the key positions so that you get an AAA+ player to do the job. This will make a big difference to your business," Goldsmith asserted.