Learning Entrepreneurship from India's Women Jewellers!

Here are women who are bringing in something new, something rustic and something traditional to the world of jewels!

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There are numerous women who are embellishing the world with their talent and skills. Here are a series of women or rather, lady jewellers who are embellishing the glitzy world of jewellery with their unique skills and attempts to bring in something new yet rustic to one of India’s most sought after sector!

Vaishali Shah

Vaishali Shah, Director of Rivana Gold and Diamonds

With an aim to craft collectible design jewellery at affordable prices, Rivana Gold and Diamonds was incepted in April 2018.  Today it has become a competitive player in the jewellery sector.

Elegance Coupled with Exquisite

Vaishali Shah feels that the uniqueness of her brand lies in curating exquisite designer jewellery which symbolizes elegance that too at affordable prices, so as to reach out to a large clientele.  “As for the pieces, they mainly comprise of lightweight contemporary jewellery specially crafted keeping in mind the design trends of today as well as making sure that they are friendly to the pocket.”

Love at First Sight

So how do you know that a piece of jewellery belongs to you? “My advice for women with regards to selecting a piece of jewellery would be to first fall in love with it on first sight.” Shah also advices that women must be smart buyers and pick up a piece of jewellery that is friendly to their pockets.

Appreciating Your Uniqueness

Shah feels that even though women continue to be discriminated in a patriarchal Indian society, they have still found a way to empower themselves and thereby stay independent. She feels that this changing scenario among woman is what makes it imperative for one and all to appreciate their beauty and simultaneously reflect it in their choices as well, “They must ensure that the jewellery piece they buy must enable them to enhance and celebrate their own unique personality and style.”

Shobha Choksey

Shobha Choksey, Founder of Shobha Shringar Jewellers

The journey of Choksey began in the 1970s when she started creating exquisite pearl and silver jewellery from home and sold them via just word of mouth. Today she is not just spearheading the sector but also a prominent name in the jewellery industry. 

Jadoo of Jadau

Choksey says that every design is uniquely made of either gold, diamonds or has jadau work with a combination of pearls and coloured stones on it. “Every piece at Shobha Shringar Jewellers is handpicked or designed by our in-house expert team.”

A Tip of Personalization

With so many designers and competitors in the market, Choksey says that personalization helps not just combating competition but also carving a niche for oneself. “In the jewellery industry personalization plays a very vital role in creating the customer experience.”

Timeless Designs

Choksey’s inspiration and role model is Rekha, the actress who is a symbol of timeless beauty and elegance. She also says that it is important for women to abandon fads and rather focus on creating “timeless designs that will always be in trend.”

Vandana Saraf

Vandana Saraf, Director of Aisshpra Gems and Jewels

Aisshpra Gems and Jewels, founded in 1940, is a brand that enjoys a huge client base due to its constant endeavor to evolve, transform, and remain relevant to its customers, their choice of jewelry, and the prevailing market trends. Saraf married into the founding family took over the reins and has become an integral part since then! 

Not leaving Out Even the Minutest Details

Saraf claims that each piece made by her brand is trend setting and is meticulously worked upon, taking care of even the minutest details of finish and wearability in mind.

Taking Care While Building a Brand

Vandana Saraf is very particular about taking care of the two aspects of entrepreneurship-brand building and customer satisfaction. So how does she strike a balance between the two? She clarifies, “As a brand, we ensure that we are pioneering new trends in the market.” Recently they introduced virtual reality experience for customers. This is not the only way how the customer is taken care of, “When it comes to customer service, I personally like to attend them and I feel that makes them get a personal touch while buying jewellery.”

Tanya Rastogi

Tanya Rastogi, Director of Lala Jugal Kishore Jewellers

Tanya Rastogi is a Jewellery Connoisseur and curator, known for her everlasting eternal creations and enticing estate jewellery masterpieces.

Design with a Bent of Awadh

Rastogi shares that her creations are reminiscent of the Awadhi heritage, “We have drawn enormous inspiration from the period and rare pieces.” She also added that Indian jewels are something that has an undisputed international market. “Through our venture, we try to recapture the same lost art and opulence by sourcing old jewellery and refurbishing it to suit a modern buyer.”

Jewelleries Outlasting Mankind

Rastogi draws one to the most important yet forgotten and neglected fact- that the jewellery in Indian families, more often than not, outlasts the woman. She also urges women to not fall in the fashion traps that are so apparent nowadays. “Please ask yourself before buying a piece of jewellery if you would wear that particular piece of jewellery 5 years down the line?”

A Revolutionary Influence

It is not difficult to guess the favourite of Rastogi. It is someone who made black a revolution. It is Coco Chanel. “She made the colour black so fashionable! Black, was associated with grief and mourning for women in those times. But the iconic Little-Black-Dress look she introduced holds favour even a century later.”