Vineeta Singh: Making Lives Sweeter With 'Sugar' Empowering women has always been the motto behind my brand, says Vineeta Singh, co-founder, Sugar Cosmetics. Every month around 50 million women visit Sugar's platform and learn from it

By Shrabona Ghosh

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Subi Samuel

Of the women, for the women, by 'a' woman: this was Vineeta Singh's motto while creating Sugar Cosmetics. The co-founder of Sugar always knew she wanted to build a woman-centric brand. Today, she is not just an entrepreneur but an influencer whose entrepreneurial journey is making waves across social media. "Thanks to Shark Tank India," said Singh, who shot to fame as one of the judges of the show. Singh has a follower count of 594,000 on Instagram and her LinkedIn family is over four lakh.

The beauty industry is very competitive, so what helps the brand in staying ahead of the curve? It's the ability to know its consumers and create content which is relatable, "Creating content which educates women on the concept of beauty and makeup is very important. Every month around 50 million women visit our platform and learn from it. It's the amalgamation of content and community which helps us in being at the top of the game. ''In the age of social media, you don't have to spend on the distribution of good content and marketing of good products, they go viral on their own. Good reviews play a huge role."

Shark Tank India revolutionized the way entrepreneurship is viewed in India. Today, entrepreneurship is an aspirational career choice, "Around 17 years back when I wanted to be an entrepreneur it was different. People considered entrepreneurship as unemployment but today it is viewed as one of the most promising career choices."

Singh feels extremely privileged and honored to be part of the show, "I am grateful that I am able to make a difference in the lives of these entrepreneurs. People come from small towns with great ideas and entrepreneurial zeal. I am happy to be able to support them."

This is the time when the world will see great innovations coming from the remote areas, across age groups from different backgrounds. "All it needs is a platform. Shark Tank has narrated stories of grit and passion like never before."

Singh takes extra efforts to help women entrepreneurs. "When I look for investing in a company, if the founder is a woman, I would always make extra efforts to support the business. Women face a lot of social constraints as compared to men. The percentage of women investors in business is miniscule, globally too the numbers don't show great representation. As a woman entrepreneur, I feel responsible for driving and bringing a change in the lives of other women."

Shrabona Ghosh


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