Why Every Entrepreneur Should Be a Part of Green Evolution in Business

Hear Naina Lal Kidwai talk about green jobs and opportunity for entrepreneurs at the Entrepreneur 2018 Show on July 16-17 at the JW Marriott, New Delhi

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In the race to earn big moollahs, often entrepreneurs neglect social responsibility towards green environment. Which is why probably our country and in fact our planet are combating with severe problems of environmental degradation. As much as it's our government's responsibility to save environment and take calls for healthy environment, the private sector has a big role to play to bring an end to the devastation of climate change.

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How Can Private Sector Bring About a Change?

In an effort to build clean infrastructure, private sector companies can promote greener approach of business across the supply chains. Not just India, but entrepreneurs across the sections should lead innovation in clean technologies and resource efficiency. It's high time that whole ecosystem should come together to support green climate change and help shaping policies and programmes to improve the environmental performances of businesses.

A Pledge for Green & Sustainable Business

We cannot run away from our responsibility, therefore, we must take a pledge. Adopting a green approach for business will help us make the environment healthier and long live. Join us at Entrepreneur 2018 show and learn about how green finances can help make India, a low carbon economy. Also how entrepreneurs should go about the financial structure for sustainability, inclusive growth & green jobs.

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Meet the woman behind the push for the social responsibility towards green environment, Naina Lal Kidwai, talking about how citizens, industry, civil society will help in improving human well-being, health and also reduce the impact of climate change. Kidwai has just launched her new book, Survive or Sink: An Action Agenda for Sanitation, Water, Pollution and Green Finance that talks about the key role to play by corporate and every citizen to tackle issues that is threatening India and the planet.

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