ADT's Entrepreneur Programme Will Help You To Build a Solid (ADT) Business

If you are an aspiring or fully-fledged entrepreneur looking for the next best business deal – then you are reading this at exactly the right time.

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Entrepreneurs will tell you that being in the right place at the right time is what got them started. If you are an aspiring or fully-fledged entrepreneur looking for the next best business deal – then you are reading this at exactly the right time.


Encouraging entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs and small businesses are of vital importance to the growth of an economy. Not only do they create new jobs and employment opportunities for those around them, they play a pivotal role in the development of people, communities and societies alike.

People also look at entrepreneurs with admiration. They determine their own income, set their own standards, own their own time and are driven by passion born from knowing that they were born to do what they have chosen to do with their lives.

While the pros of becoming an entrepreneur definitely outweigh the cons – carving out your own path to business success isn't a road always paved in gold. It is a scary path and involves hard work, time and courage to see through every day.

ADT realises the importance of growing people and that is why they have created a programme that gets you into the business of creating a new stream of income for yourself which in turn will create opportunities for others.

How does ADT support entrepreneurship?

ADT is welcoming business partners who are looking for the opportunity to be independent business entrepreneurs and want to gain financial freedom through building a sound business platform.

What is the ADT dealer programme?

The ADT dealer programme offer entrepreneurs the opportunity to become an official ADT reseller. ADT will service a dealer client as it would any other client. For every client that is signed on, a dealer will receive an attractive once-off commission.

"But I know nothing about the security industry"

The attractive part about the programme is that there are minimal start-up costs and one does not need to have any prior experience in the security industry. It is like being a sales channel to ADT. All one requires is the ability to sell and market their business.

Invest in your future with a company that will invest in you

Making the right choice in terms of a business partner means discovering a world of opportunities to help you succeed. As much as you should look to buy into a business you believe in, make sure that the business you buy into believes in you, that way you are both sure to succeed.

The ADT Dealer programme offers you a business with:

  • Minimal set-up costs
  • No royalty fees
  • Above average returns.

For entrepreneurs choosing the right business partner is integral to their success:

As you are aware, ADT offers business partners a brand and business model that is proven, reputable and
internationally recognised.
That means that you have the opportunity to realise real rewards such as Recurring monthly revenue for as long as you are a part of the programme.

ADT will ensure:

You receive all the sales, admin and technical training you need,
You have all the support you need to make your business a success,
All contractual and billing requirements are met,
All armed response and mentoring services are provided to clients

How do I sign up?

For more information on how to become part of the dealer programme visit: If you have any questions - please send an email to or call 011 697 7250.