10 Steps to Booking Your Business Solid In the whirlwind of building a business don't overlook the power of a methodical approach to success.

By Safiyah Satterwhite

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Smoothies on the beach, massages on a Tuesday afternoon…there is a certainly a certain level of relief and comfort in knowing that you are booked solid and have a steady stream of income for the next six months.

For those of us that have experienced this sense of joy, we spend most of our days being thankful that our business is off to strong start but for my newer or "still climbing" Ladypreneurs here are 10 steps that you can take today to make sure that you have everything in place to allow your business to take off in ways that you could not imagine.

1. Be clear on your why.

One of the major determinants in whether or your business succeeds is your passion for the work that you do. If you lack passion for your business and are unclear why you engage in the work that you chose, you are unlikely to get very far. What engages people is not what you do but why you do it. Once you discover it, lead your conversations with it.

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2. Be clear on your vision.

Everything that glitters is not gold. Be clear who is your ideal target client. Avoid spending your time with potential clients financially unable to work with you, or who may not choose to work with you. Use your vision for your business to establish a clear brand designed to attract your ideal clients.

3. Be memorable.

Have a tagline that your target audience will remember you by and tell their friends about. Listen to how your family and friends refer to what you do. Does it align with what your tagline says?

4. Keep the individual in mind.

Design your content as if you are speaking to one specific person with very clear pain points. If you know your audience well, they will feel as though your content was written specifically for them. Feeling like you really get them is what gets people interested in you.

5. Don't skimp on your website.

I see so many people who have a website that is just a "boring" website. Your website is supposed to work for you while you are sleeping. It should have an irresistible offer, a call to action and be set up to capture the contact information of potential clients.

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6. Email is crucial.

You need a good email provider (MailChimp, AWeber or Infusionsoft) to follow up with interested clients and plan your funnel!

7. Never underestimate the power of social media.

Use your social media as an extension to your website and a way to interact with your fans. Be personal, share tips, let people get to know you and see you first as a person and then as an owner.

8. Share free content.

The most sure fire way to get people to invest in your services is to first give them a taste of what you "got" in a very low risk way. Your free content should be some of the best content you provide. Get your potential clients thinking "if this is what free looks like..I have to see what the paid stuff is!"

9. Get outside.

Yes, we live in an Internet-driven world today, but the old school methods of giving public talks, presenting at seminars and sending a postcard still work and adds credibility to your business. Get known and recognized for your expertise in your community.

10. Keep your eye on the prize.

Never lose sight of your big goal; whether it is to send people to your signature course, coaching package, design service etc. "Scaffold" everyone up to that offer. If you have automated your systems and done a really good job along the way, you will have no problem booking yourself solid.

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Safiyah Satterwhite

Performance Coach for Wellness & Social Entrepreneurs

Safiyah Satterwhite is a heart-driven success strategist and coach for female entrepreneurs, trained by Columbia University Business School and Teachers College. Throughout her career she has built a multi-million dollar organization and mentored hundreds of aspiring school and business founders. Satterwhite is founder of “Fearless & Free,” an online community designed to advance mission-driven entrepreneurial efforts.

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