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9 Awesome Online Courses Udemy offers thousands of online courses that movers, shakers, and entrepreneurs like you can enroll in to better themselves and their businesses.

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What if we told you there was an awesome opportunity to invest in yourself, improve your knowledge, and take your skills to the next level?

We thought that might get your attention.

Udemy offers thousands of online courses that movers, shakers, and entrepreneurs like you can enroll in to better themselves and their businesses. And the best part is that we've picked 9 of the highest-rated and most popular courses that you can enroll in for an exlcusive discounted price only available to Entrepreneur's audience.

There's something for every type of entrepreneur: writers can sharpen their pencils with journalist Shani Raja, business owners learn about the enitre lifecyle of a company Chris Haroun, day traders can sweeten their stocks with Jeff Tompkins, and many more!

Even better, most of these courses are great for all skill levels; so whether you want a thorough refresh or an in-depth crash course, you'll find what you're looking for.

Check out these great courses and sign up.

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An Entire MBA in One Course

We thought we'd start this list with a bang and lead with the No. 1 best-selling business course on Udemy.

Chris Haroun, an award-winning MBA professor who has worked with the likes of Goldman Sachs, tech startups, and venture capitalists, will take you through the entire life cycle of a company. You'll learn where to start, what market to look into, how to raise money, and how to take it public – and even how to take it private if need be – along with tons of other sales and marketing tips.

It probably sounds too good to be true, but it's not. Your only mistake would be passing this one up.

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Writing with Flair: How to Become an Exceptional Writer

Third on the list is another best-selling course on Udemy, taught by a former editor at the Wall Street Journal and a former contributor to The Economist, Financial Times, and Bloomberg News. His name is Shani Raja, and he wants to teach you how to write with flair.

In the course, you'll go from the basics of repetition, redundancy, and tense confusion to the higher level skill of misplaced modifiers, word echoes, and curly sentences. Raja has also taught writing skills to professionals and coached top journalists; you're in great hands.

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Data Science and Machine Learning with Python – Hands On!

If you have a little programming or scripting background and you've been interested in getting into data science, now is your chance. Frank Kane comes from Amazon and iMDB, where he was in charge of some of your favorite features (recommended for you, you might also like, etc.) where he applied data science techniques to real-world data.

And now he's here to tell you all about it. You'll get a crash course in Python and then jump into data mining and machine learning headfirst. You'll learn what really matters, without any of the confusing mathematical notation, and then you'll get your hands dirty right away by experimenting with the Python code that comes with it.

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eBay Drop Shipping with No Inventory Guide – Work From Home

This is for those of you who want to work from home, make a passive income, and are interested in using eBay to make that happen. Enter David Vu, with his comprehensive guide on how to work from home, what exactly drop shipping is, and how to make a profit with no upfront inventory.

Vu has been using these techniques for years, and now makes over six figures a year. He made this course to share his secrets and help other people achieve the same success – so what are you waiting for?

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Project Management Professional: Prep for PMP

If you're a project manager, you're the type of entrepreneur that innovates within your own company or the company you work for – so of course you're probably preparing to take (and pass!) the PMP exam to help you do even better at your job.

Just for you, this course is a comprehensive training program to pass the PMP exam. Not only does it have more than 35 hours of course video and interactive video, you can be assured that it's legit: they've passed an audit, a business review, and they follow the PMI REP program. So get studying!

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Ninja Writing: The Four Levels of Writing Mastery

Shani Raja is back with the next level of the writing course we featured earlier in this list. Once you've mastered how to write with flair, or if you're a fairly experienced writer looking to really polish your skill, you need to take this course.

In this module, Raja breaks down the "four ninja levels": the narrative, paragraphs, sentences and words. It's a course that looks at the high and low levels of your writing and shows you how to perfect every aspect.

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SQL for Newbs Masterclass: Beginner Data Analysis

If you want a course that teaches you SQL in a real-world way, that emphasizes learning by doing, and has been taken by people behind huge companies such as Lyft, Google, and Amazon, then you're in the right place. Even the marketing team at Udemy has taken this course!

David Kim and Peter Sefton will walk you through SQL in a way that's easy to understand and master, without any technical background requirements, and add an "SQL" beacon to your resume that's sure to impress any potential or current employer.

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The Complete Financial Analyst Course 2016

"If you're trying to prepare for an eventual career in finance, but are still looking to round out your knowledge of the subject, The Complete Financial Analyst Course might be a perfect fit for you," says Business Insider.

So, is that you? Are you looking to gain highly valuable skills in programs like Excel and PowerPoint, and knowledge in highly sought-after areas like finance and business analysis?

We thought so.

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Options Trading – How to Trade for Weekly Profits

Finally, this one is for the entrepreneurs out there who want to work for themselves without starting a business or selling a product, but from learning how to work the stock market in your favor and make money using your knowledge about trading techniques.

Well, this is the course to get all that knowledge and more.

Jeff Tompkins puts his 15 years of trading experience to video in this comprehensive course that will show you his tips and tricks, and teach you how to build a complete trading strategy. You'll also learn how to win more than 85 percent of your options trades, and adjust the ones you lose, while lowering risk and raising profits. So get trading!

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