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From communication strategies to managing teams, collaboration comes in many forms, and it needs your attention. Discover everything you need to know for success here.

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5 Strategies to Ace the Difficult Conversations in Your Business

Whether it's with investors, customers or employees, tough conversations in business are inevitable. Learning to handle these conversations well can often make or break a business, so here are some ways to tackle those hard moments whenever they come along.

Krista Mashore

The New Opportunities That Virtual Event Are Bringing to Businesses

Pandemic restrictions may have eased, but multi-session online happenings are here to stay.

Mike Allton

Loud and Clear: A Red Button Technique for Effective Communication

"The Red Button Technique" is based on the communication between pilots in the air. 
This technique will be helpful for podcasters, professional communicators, but also for those who want to improve their persuasive social and business communication.

Kate Broug

5 Lessons on Smart Hiring

Since these lessons center around students' voices, I believe they can serve as a guidepost for many companies during their upcoming recruiting season.

Ankit Aggarwal

Recruitment Is Changing and Companies Are Wasting Resources Without Realizing It

Walmart, Flipkart, Juspay, Amazon and Intellect are a few names that have very well adapted to the changing recruitment landscape and saved time and resources.

Ankit Aggarwal

Deep Work in the Office Will Look Different Now

Deep work is one of the most effective and productive methods of getting work done. As companies transition back into the office, there need to be changes made in order to promote this type of focus.

David Partain

4 Ways Relationship Issues Affect Your Company's Bottom Line

Relationship issues can affect your company's bottom line because they impair emotions, physical health, creativity, and workplace productivity.

Lisa Fei

3 Important Takeaways for Hiring Job-Seekers with Past Convictions

We can do well by doing good, so let's start by giving a second chance to those who have a conviction record.

Jeff Grant

How My Home Country Fuels My Entrepreneurial Passion

Look to Croatia as proof of tech being able to lift entire countries into massive wealth.

Ivan Burazin