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Habits of People Who Trust Their Intuition (Infographic)

It's important to know when to follow your heart and when to follow your head.

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As an entrepreneur, one of the most important habits to cultivate is -- not trust in others (however, that's important too), but trust in yourself. How many times have you missed an opportunity because you listened to the advice of others rather than trusting a gut feeling that you had? It happens to the best of us, but in order to truly be successful, you have to learn how to trust yourself and follow your heart.

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According to research published by Project Management Degrees, only half of Americans said they trusted their gut to tell them what's true. Additionally, 62 percent of top business executives said they relied on their gut feelings. So why do so few people ignore their intuition? Simple: we're conditioned to. All too often we're advised to "look at the facts" and "weigh all the options," when sometimes the answers we're searching for come from within. Even as children, we're told things such as "adults are always right." We're trained to listen to what we're told, not make our own judgments and ultimately, not to follow our intuition.

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While it can be hard to shake the habits and ideals you're raised with, if you want to find success and fulfillment, it's time to start trusting yourself. Intuitive decisions can be just as right as analytical ones, and not only that, but easier, quicker and more natural too. Of course, that doesn't mean to forget about the power of logic altogether. Instead, find a way to balance intuition and logic. For example, when you feel yourself veering towards a certain direction when making a decision, before things are set and stone, ask yourself if you have any specific prejudices that might be making you biased.

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To learn more, check out Project Management Degrees' infographic below.

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