Stop Chasing Customers With 'Pick Me' Posts and Other Desperate Tactics Instead of constantly chasing clients, focus on building your credibility.

By Sid Peddinti

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When you scroll through social media, you're undoubtedly inundated with ads and sales offers from entrepreneurs trying to get more clients.

We know that client acquisition is an integral part of growth, but the typical methods and approaches tend to repel potential clients instead of nurturing them. When your followers and potential clients see you constantly chasing business, they draw their own conclusions. Clients want to do business with entrepreneurs and leaders that feel successful. The chasing doesn't give off an energy of success.

If you respond to every "pick me" post on social media — you're going to repel potential clients. If you're showing up in people's inboxes offering "limited time" discounts — you're telling potential clients that business isn't going well. If you're posting about your services in various Facebook groups (that aren't yours) — it's coming off as desparate.

In all of these circumstances, you're chasing business, and it costs you. Here are three ways to stop chasing clients and start having them come to you organically.

1. Create a system to nurture cold followers through value-focused content.

In a world full of internet marketing noise, authentic value shines through. Too many entrepreneurs only post how-to content when they're trying to sell something.

When you consistently show up on social media, to your email list, and on podcast interviews with solid how-to content on what your business does — you nurture cold followers.

When consumers get value before they're officially a customer of yours, they're more likely to want the next steps and purchase something. Value-focused content is part of a content marketing strategy that creates a steady stream of clients organically.

You stand above the rest by offering real value. Your goal should be to create a strategic content system that nurtures potential customers. That system includes:

  • Posting content at least two times a week on social media. Consider one how-to post and one journey post — this is a piece of content that shows the behind-the-scenes of building your business.
  • Send your email list at least one solid how-to piece of content every week.
  • As much as you can, get interviewed on podcasts and offer lessons and tips instead of only talking about your story.

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2. Never stop building brand credibility.

In the world of entrepreneurship, it's far too common to have business leaders experience success at what they do and marketing those wins for years. They get comfortable in what was accomplished and stop working to achieve more.

Your brand credibility is how you convince cold consumers they can trust your business. Your social proof speaks before you do. If you want to bring in a steady stream of clients organically, you should always put in the work to stay at the forefront of your industry.

This includes getting media and podcast interviews and adding value through those opportunities to get exposure for your business. It means publishing value-focused content consistently. It means setting and going after impossible goals that lead to the kind of social proof that your ideal target clients understand and respect.

Brand credibility is an essential part of business growth and something you should never stop building.

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3. Focus on client results over getting new sales.

The thrill of the sale can be an adrenaline rush. However, what often gets lost in creating more sales is the importance of client retention.

If you create a cycle where you churn clients faster than you onboard more, you'll eventually hit a wall because there's only so much work that you can fulfill at any given time.

Instead of constantly chasing clients, focus on doing great work for the clients you do have and get the results. Word of mouth marketing is still one of the most powerful and convincing ways to demonstrate that your business can deliver. When consumers see your clients' results, they'll want to do business with you and come to your organically.

Get results for your clients and do solid work, but also display those results in your content. Get video testimonials and screenshots of clients signing your praises — display those on your website and in posts. Let your client's results stand above the internet's noise and nonsense.

The internet and social media have created unique places to show clients the value you offer and allows you to nurture them. You can increase your pipeline of clients when you do what others won't.

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Sid Peddinti

Attorney & Business Growth Strategist

Sid Peddinti is a business lawyer, strategist, TEDx speaker and contributor to several large publications. He specializes in creating innovative strategies that help businesses gain a competitive edge in diverse ways.

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