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The Coronavirus in Vegas: How to Prepare for the Great Unknown

A helpful checklist for entertainers and service professionals to stay productive and healthy while sheltering at home.

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Mark Twain once said, "I've had a lot of worries in my life, most of which never happened. "

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This has been the default screen in my mind for quite a few years when I felt I was worrying too much about something that probably doesn't matter and never will happen.

Then on March 17, Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak passionately made the following statement: "You're being told not to go out!" And my default screen blew up like an atomic bomb!

Being that I've been a Las Vegas resident most of my life, just trying to comprehend the idea of the casinos closing for even one day was daunting, but for at least 30 days? That's just pure insanity!

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I immediately thought of what life would be like in Las Vegas without any tourism or gaming at all. I was thinking of all my friends that are in different facets of the local entertainment industry and how they would literally become obsolete overnight.

How do you go from something to nothing in a blink of an eye without any warning and complete uncertainty as of when there will be some sort of normalcy to life again and what will that even look like when and if it returns?

Whether you're a musician, dancer, club owner, show producer, small-business owner or any number of service industry workers, here's a helpful checklist to stay productive while not being fully active.

Stay informed

This coronavirus situation is changing literally hour to hour. You must stay informed about the changes and the severity of the virus. I'm not suggesting staying glued to the TV and social media, just simply take a few minutes daily to get a credible update on what is going on so you can act accordingly.

Stay healthy

Do everything you reasonably can to stay healthy. You can't get a whole lot done if you get sick. Depending on your age and overall health, it can be a potentially fatal virus. But on top of that, a lot of us have much more free time, the gyms are closed and grocery stores are running low. Make some sort of exercise routine at home and eat as healthy as possible. Don't fall into the trap of drinking all night and sleeping all day.

Get medical help if you need it

Doctor Constantine George of and states, "We as providers of medical services are open to serve our community but have taken proactive and preventative steps to reassure and protect our patients and employees."

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We should lead by example in our leadership roles to help our communities return to a prosperous and healthy state. The benefits to society and overall business will be fruitful in the end.

Maintain your finances

I'm sure math was one of the first things most Las Vegans did once finding out the city was shut down except for essential businesses. But this is much more detailed than looking at how long the money in your bank account will put food on the table and pay your bills without revenue coming in.

This is about communication, damage control and possible new revenue streams, whether you own an essential business that is still open or if your revenue stream is temporarily shut down.

Speaking with contacts that you work with is paramount. Keep customers and employees informed on when you'll potentially be up and running again, and what you're offering if you are still open, and start strategizing ways to monetize things your business or brand can offer that perhaps you never thought of before.

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Seth Yudof, CEO of, says, "I am focused on the health and safety of my family, and I am trying to let it be known to colleagues, employees and friends that we are all here to help each other."

When this virus is no longer a major threat, things are possibly going to rev up again just as fast as they halted to a stop. Make sure when that day comes that you're firing on all cylinders and are ready to take advantage of a big rush of opportunities.

Fred Brown, owner says, "We've lowered some prices, we've extended hours and we're doing everything we can to help people. If they are stuck at home, we will deliver the products to them."

Be grateful

With all of this fear and uncertainty around us, it's so easy to fall down the rabbit hole of depression and negativity. With each day that passes, it will be another missed opportunity, another day of not doing what you'd like to be doing and another day of hoping that you and yours stay healthy through this ordeal. It's important to understand that with each day that passes, we are a day closer to life getting back to normal and all of us being able to pursue our endeavors once again. Look at it as a productive vacation.

Help the community

Through all of this and all the things we're missing out on, there are others that are doing much worse. If you can help in any way, we strongly suggest doing so. It's great for others and great for yourself. Think of ways you can help the community and get involved.

Brandan Powers, the creator and managing partner of Evel Pie & The Golden Tiki, says, "Since we are shutting down for the overall health and safety of our employees and are not doing delivery or to-go at this time, we have given away all of our perishables to those in need and suggest that all restaurants follow suit."

Keep fighting the good fight

Although we're in a very challenging time now, we can make it through with following the above steps of health, wealth, communication, giving, staying informed and being grateful for everything we have instead of fretting about what we don't.

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