This AI-Powered Tool Is Like Having a Professional Copywriter On-Site

Write high-converting ads, emails, landing pages, and more automatically.

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Did you know that 80 percent of people on the internet only read the headlines of emails and blogs? How about the fact that most people read only 20 percent of the words on a given webpage? It's these kinds of stats you have to keep in mind when designing a content strategy for your business. You need a strong web presence, but many businesses often overlook how important copywriting is to that presence.

You can't just write anything and expect it to get people to engage with your business. Likewise, you may not have the money to bring in a professional for $150 per hour. For a more budget-friendly, efficient alternative, check out Writesonic.

Writesonic is an AI-enhanced software-as-a-service (SaaS) tool built on top of Open AI's GPT-3 technology that helps you write high-converting copy in seconds. Writesonic analyzes your inputs and uses pattern matching and AI to craft catchy landing pages, ads, product descriptions, and even entire articles. All you have to do is provide a little information about the topic and your audience, and Writesonic composes a high-performing product almost instantaneously.

Because it's been trained on high-performing content from top brands, it knows how to write copy that resonates with any audience and how to convert for sales, newsletters sign ups, or whatever your goal is. Here's how it works:

  1. Select from Writesonic's copy templates like landing pages, ads, and more.
  2. Enter a short description of your product or service.
  3. Hit the "Generate" button to generate a dozen high-converting copy variants.
  4. Edit, copy, share, and launch your copy anywhere, using different variants to A/B test if you'd like.

Get more leads, sell more products, and increase your brand awareness. Writesonic has earned 4.9 stars on AppSumo for good reason. Right now, you can get a lifetime subscription to Writesonic's Starter Plan for just $69.99.

Prices subject to change.

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