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Free Webinar | Jan. 13: What Entrepreneurs Should Know About Intellectual Property Rights

Join our experts as they discuss what new entrepreneurs need to know about intellectual property-no matter their budget or company size.

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One of an 's most valuable assets is their . Intellectual property, which refers to creations of the human mind, includes patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets. These help lead to monetization and growth for entrepreneurs who want to scale their ideas and companies. While many perceive intellectual property protection as cost-prohibitive, there are low-cost strategies that new entrepreneurs should consider using.


In this live webinar, Kanika Tolver (author of Career Rehab) is joined by Shontavia Johnson, an industry expert, consultant, and twice named as one of the best lawyers in the U.S. by the American Bar Association and the National Bar Association. They'll discuss what new entrepreneurs need to know about intellectual property—no matter their budget or company size. Shontavia will share best practices on the following topics:

  • Creating a strategy for names, logos, and brands.
  • Using copyrights to protect works and combat copycats online and elsewhere.
  • Deciding how to protect your inventions with patents.
  • Determining when to use trade secrets to protect confidential information.
  • Finding intellectual property lawyers at any budget level.

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About our Speakers

Kanika Tolver is the CEO and founder of Career Rehab, LLC in Washington, DC, where she helps clients transform their careers with coaching programs, events, webinars, and digital resources to help people reach their career goals. An in-demand coach, consultant, speaker, and thought leader, she has been featured on CNN, CNBC, CBS Radio, Yahoo!, Black Enterprise,,, The Washington Post, and a variety of radio interviews and podcasts.

Shontavia Johnson was twice named one of the top young lawyers in and she serves as the Associate Vice President for at Clemson University. She has also founded the MADE Tribe, a community that helps professional women see themselves as entrepreneurs so they can make more income and impact with their intellectual property. Shontavia's background as a licensed patent attorney has allowed her to provide counsel and strategic advice to a wide range of entities, from early-stage entrepreneurs to Fortune 100 companies.

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