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How To Actually Be Your Idealized Brand Persona

Are you the same person on Instagram as you are at the office? Here's why that question is worth asking...

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Have you ever met someone and felt disappointed that this "amazing" online character is a total dud in real life?

I have observed this when a talented speaker left the stage only to be truly rude at a book signing or a hilarious comedian was caught yelling at his staff.

Conversely, when you meet someone you've long admired and they're just as kind as you imagined? It's truly a special moment.

I always want people to say, "I feel like I've known you for years and we're just actually meeting!".

I have experienced this a few times as I speak around the country, so I did a personal deep dive into how this all materialized.

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Identify those who have "it"

When you think about some of your favorite brands, it's evident that they have certain characteristics that make you feel drawn to them. Whether it's their out-of-this world uniqueness or flat out popularity, there's something about them that makes you want more. Personal brands are the same way!

Maybe you consistently pick out a certain type of clothing and stick to it or you have a certain saying that you can't go long without sharing. When it comes to your , a personal can be reflected in a specific type of font, a few cool colors and a that makes people immediately think of you when they see it.

You show up regularly, you produce content and people get to know you through what you choose to share with them. In essence, people get to know your brand, just like they would with major companies through things like commercials and billboards.

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Know thyself

Whether we are intentional about it or not, the general public is digesting the information and frequency of the way we present ourselves to the world. People begin to sense who you are from the actions you take when no one is looking rather than just from the words you've typed on your or bio.

Building a personal brand that is a real representation of who you are is a nonstop evolution. By working with coaches and using programs like StrengthsFinder, you can intentionally develop your brand into something that you're proud to share with others.

Ask yourself the following questions:

* What is your vision or system?

* How will you share what you "do" (more than what you "say") online?

* How can you back up what you say constantly and show congruence online?

Nothing feels better than building a brand that you don't have to perform for, either. When your online presence is something you eat, sleep and breathe, you can show up, inspire others and do so with ease.

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