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How to Create Thought Leadership For Women CEOs and Executives

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On this episode of the Branding Blowout Podcast we talk with Marlene Williamson, CEO of Watermark, about how to create for and executives.

Marlene Williamson, CEO of Watermark.

Watermark, which started 22 years ago in the Bay area, has a mission to increase the representation of women in . Williamson, the current CEO says the the organization produces more than 50 events each year in the San Francisco area, including conferences on innovation, , and leadership skills for female executives. Williamson and I discuss:

  • How female CEOs and C-Suite executives use their uniqueness as a leadership advantage
  • The work required to become a thought leader in more male dominated fields such as engineering
  • How a female executive's personal brand may differ from their male counterparts
  • Top three recommendations for to become thought leaders in their fields

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