Is the Tone of Your Voice Scaring Off Business?

Mastering tonality to create a range of different emotions over the phone will create overwhelming success in phone sales.

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By Steven Phillippe

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Tonality can be referred to as the way one's voice sounds when they speak. While one's moods can impact tonality, their surrounding, or how they were brought up, an individual has the chance to take control of their words to come across consciously.

A person's tone in a sales pitch is significant, especially when communicating through the telephone to pass on the message. Tonality is vital, and one needs to understand communication methods to enhance each communication method's tone. One tonal pattern determines how the listener will perceive the message, leading to either high or low sales.

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In the sale of phones, the tone is an essential part of the business, and if one learns to control it, they will make better sales. Though one may struggle as a beginner, one should adopt the Belfort approach of using the straight-line sales persuasion method. Jordan has enhanced and utilized his approaches globally with salespeople, sales experts, and persuaders. There are various elements of a successful sale, as described by Belfort. The first element is the product, idea, or concept. This element means that the prospect should fall in love with what one is selling. The second element is trusting, whereby the rapport needs to be personal, and it needs to be great.

During the representation, one should show the potential customer that one is an expert and trustworthy. Notably, one should also convince the clients that they will get the best service possible. Also, as a salesperson, one needs to let the client know that they will be there if any problem arises. The third element asserts that the prospect must trust and connect with the company.

The final element is trust in the company. Arguably, one needs to aim for compatibility and affinity between the prospect and what one is offering. If the prospect does not trust the company one is working for, they will not buy, and as the seller, one needs to convince them otherwise.

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A seller needs to use their tone to create positive emotions over the phone to generate trust, which leads to more sales. First, one should use their pitch or tone to highlight the vital aspects of what one is talking about. Having a monotone voice is not exciting and can run one's sales. Arguably, one needs to raise their pitch when they want to stress an important point or ask an interesting question.

The pitch should vary depending on the topic. Further, one also needs to adjust their voice volume as required. For instance, one can increase their volume if they want to catch the prospect's attention and encourage them to remember certain points.

Essentially, tonality in sales is not just about picking one tone and sticking with it through the conversation. Varying one's tone throughout the conversation will ensure that potential customers are engaged in every word.

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In conclusion, increasing sales is one of the significant benefits of using one's voice properly when selling, especially when selling over the phone. When selling in person, one has the advantage of using non-verbal communication like body language to visually show the potential customer what they should expect from the product. However, when selling over the phone, all one has is their voice. Thus, one needs to use their voice properly with the right pitch volume and speed to experience more sales. Apart from that, proper use of one's voice aids in gaining the trust of potential clients.

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