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McDonald's to Sell a Bigger Big Mac -- and a Less Big, Big Mac?

The chain plans to serve up some different options early next year.


It's true that we encourage readers of this site to innovate, disrupt and change the status quo.

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But sometimes, when it comes to customer service, we suppose there is something to be said about just giving the people what they want. Or, if it ain't broke, don't fix it -- just double down.

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McDonald's announced this week that starting in early 2017, for a limited time, franchises will offer two different versions of its flagship menu item, the Big Mac.

The Grand Mac will come equipped with two beef patties, weighing in at a third of a pound, two slices of American cheese, as well as lettuce, onions and pickles, along with the Big Mac sauce. On the other, slightly less calorie laden end of the spectrum is The Mac Jr., a Big Mac with one beef patty, which means that it's essentially a hamburger in Big Mac's clothing.

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The menu change is coming after successful test runs in Columbus, Ohio, and the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas.

But if you thought that something called the Grand Mac would be the limit, you'd be mistaken. This spring, the Giga Big Mac -- with four patties and three buns -- was made available to the Japanese public in the spring.

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