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10 Products to Help You Be a Better Parent While Working From Home

Parenting is hard. This technology makes it easier.

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Life has changed in many ways over the past few months. Many Americans are working from home and, now, many of their children are attending school virtually. That means your home life is likely a bit ... chaotic. Parents working from home could use as much help as possible to reduce some of the chaos.

Fortunately, technology can help. These 10 products can make parenting while working remotely a little bit easier.

Circuit Scribe: DIY Circuit Kits

Circuitry can be a ton of fun for kids, just so long as it's safe. This kit includes everything kids need to explore electricity and circuitry in a fun, safe way. It's education made it exciting!

Get Circuit Scribe: DIY Circuit Kits for $32.99 (Orig. $58). 

Papumba Fun Learning App for Kids: Lifetime Subscription

Meet the #1 play-based pre-school platform in more than 30 countries. Papumba provides more than 500 interactive games and activities on iOS and Android to engage your kids in STEAM learning. They'll have a headstart when it comes time to go to school.

Get Papumba Fun Learning App for Kids for $49.99 (Orig. $358). 

FamiSafe: 3-Yr Subscription

Stop worrying about what your kids are doing on the Internet when you can't look over their shoulders. FamiSafe lets you protect your kids from cyberbullying, controls their screen time, and limits their use of certain apps or content, all from a central hub.

Get FamiSafe: 3-Yr Subscription for $49.99 (Orig. $199). 

DIY Coding Kit for Ages 8 to 12

Designed for late elementary and early middle school kids, this coding kit makes computer programming easy. It includes all the essentials kids need to grasp the fundamentals of coding and start honing their programming skills. With project-based education, kids can start creating an infinite number of projects immediately. Plus, they're LEGO-compatible!

Get DIY Coding Kit for Ages 8 to 12 for $54.97 (Orig. $99). 

Speech Blubs Language Therapy: Lifetime Subscription Bundle

Whether you have preschool-age children or your kids are struggling a bit with virtual school, Speech Blubs can help. With two science-backed apps for speech and reading, your kids will learn new sounds and words through video modeling, face filters, speech recognition, and more fun activities.

Get Speech Blubs Language Therapy for $59.99 (Orig. $199). 

Crowtail STEAM Educational Basic Starter Kit (with Microbit Board and Tutorial)

Technical kids will love this starter kit for programming and electronics. This kit comes with a detailed tutorial with 17 innovative projects and 17 missions to give your kids a step-by-step introduction to programming the world around them.

Get Crowtail STEAM Educational Basic Starter Kit for $65.99 (Orig. $74). 

ArckitPLAY Cityscape Architect Building Kit for Kids

Help your kid develop into an urban planner and architect with this interactive kit. A winner of an Architeizer A+ Award, ArckitPLAY provides a to-scale cityscape model and empowers your kid to put it together however it makes the most sense. You may just have the next Robert Moses on your hands.

Get ArckitPLAY Cityscape Architect Building Kit for Kids for $69.99.

Tangiplay: Tangible Coding Toys + Interactive Puzzles Solving Games for Kids

Occupy your kids with an education! These clever toys interact with your tablet to help kids develop coding and cognitive skills through problem-solving games.

Get Tangiplay: Tangible Coding Toys + Interactive Puzzles Solving Games for Kids for $84.99 (Orig. $99). 

Jamstik® Guitar Trainer

Occupy musical kids with this tech-driven guitar trainer! When paired with the app, Jamstik® lights up on the fretboard to show you where to place your fingers while playing different songs. It's the most budget-friendly, seamless way to learn guitar.

Get Jamstik® Guitar Trainer for $199 (Orig. $229). 

Autonomous Vehicle Kit

Let your kids' imagination run wild with this DIY vehicle kit. IT comes with everything they need to assemble a toy car and comes with artificial intelligence to teach them how technology transforms transportation.

Get Autonomous Vehicle Kit for $234.99 (Orig. $249).